Child Pornography and Trafficking

This makes me ill. It is also very heartbreaking.

True crazies!

He is surely with his father now, the old goat.

I just heard he intended to release 5 names if he received a life sentence.
Now his death smells of murder.

I don’t think anyone should expect this to be a peaceful Sabboth day. Especially since none of you believe in it anyway.

I suppose a day of silence to mourn your beloved god should be expected and respected.

My guess is he was either guilty or would have been found guilty. I have not followed this case at all. I just heard about him today. I guess he was a billionaire. Suicide was probably his best move, considering how pampered the rest of his life was. He probably would not have handled prison well.

“His silence will echo around the world and, hopefully, inspire others to stay quiet themselves.

I can only assume this is why you haven’t already changed your political affiliation.

The idea that Republicans (and especially Trump) have done anything more than Democrats about pedos is a total myth.

In your mind, I suspect that is the truth.

Then tell us what they did, Michele. Not what they said. Not who they “support” (cheerlead for). Tell us what they DID.

I’ve asked this of you and the unsurprisingly absent Tychius and, of course, got nothing. Again you just dump ridiculous ideas out (like the Dayton shooter was a left wing extremist and Trump has won the war on pedos) with absolutely zero evidence.

I don’t understand you, Reg. It is words that determine racism in one discussion but you condemn words as ridiculous ideas in another if it reflects Liberal extremism.

Michele, this is simple. I will try to explain it.

Your words often define who and what you are. If you say you hate blacks, you are a racist. If you say you love Trump, you are a Trump supporter.

Your words do not represent anything you have DONE. If you say you hate blacks but you treat them equally and with respect, then you ARE a racist but you have not DONE anything racist.

Trump has both SAID and DONE things against blacks. He is a racist and he has done racist things.

Trump has SAID things against pedophiles while hanging out with the king of pedophiles, and he has DONE absolutely nothing against pedophiles in his life. His words should be balanced against his actions.

That’s interesting because I believe we collectively have been defined as racist because of our support for him. Above all things, I do focus on this because I believe it is the issue and they intend on doubling down with more division by class and then religion because as highly educated as you are I just know that you know that you know that this is exactly where it is headed.

Of course we are heading for more division based on religion. Class, I’m not sure. Your religion is fundamentally opposed to my belief system. I believe you earn merit. You believe salvation is a gift from God. This is irreconcilable.