Game is still going but it looks like it’s going to be a draw. Carlsen will need 4 more draws and can win blitz. Caruana has to go berserk in game 12.


Neither of these guys plays interesting chess. I hope someone new comes on the scene soon.


If I looked at the board caruana is ahead, but apparently not.


I totally agree. I’m rooting for caruana because he is from USA. He has been as boring as karjakin.


Kasparov karpov once played 17 draws in a row. It was first to 6 win, which never happened in 1984. Could you imagine how long this would take here? Maybe someone would try to win, though.


They just drew.


They’re not even doing anything wrong. If I was playing someone with a ranking of 2800, I would be timid, too. I just really appreciate players who try crazy things and pull wins out of nowhere after sacrificing half their board.


Another draw.


Another draw. 2 more games until blitz. Now I want there to be 12 draws.


Reggie loved watching the pieces.


Caruana came close this game but he said he couldn’t see how to close it and he always felt vulnerable to a counter mate if he screwed up.


Yes very good observing.


Another draw. Caruana with white tomorrow.
Time for some agression. And a good night’s sleep.


This isn’t exactly on topic but should I buy this? I think I like it but I’m not sure.


I wouldn’t. But go ahead if you want it. What is it that appeals to you?


I haven’t owned a chess set for years. This looks interesting to me. That said it’s probably overpriced. I don’t know enough about what things like that are worth to be sure though.


Also the plants I buy for the coffee table keep dying and I think a chess set might last longer there. lol.


Maybe this. Dunno.


I like the pieces in the first one better.


Craigslist is the perfect place to look for a chess set though.

Only one interesting one near me…