Apple bread is good…a little dry. Better than the chess.


Sorry Will. They are off tomorrow. 10 am each morning, so back Monday. You can also watch on YouTube live chess24 channel if you want analysis.



Thanks Dan.


I had it on home alone sick on my smart tv for 7 hours while I pulled patio furniture in and did a bunch of chores. The announcers talked for 7 and a half hours and only got a 5 minute break, lol.


That’s amazing! You no longer have to ask. You can just think to yourself, “I wish I knew how they watched that tournament.” Hahaha!


Oh you are Just so smart aren’t ya?


I hope you are in bed.


I was!


Another draw.

Caruana has white in games 1,3,5,8,10,12. They do this so the same player doesn’t have white the day after the off day for the whole tourney. I’m not confident. Good news is caruana is white game 12. He might as well go rogue if they are tied.


Another draw. 34 moves. As boring as the last from what I have read.


Good news is tomorrow is an off day, so no draws.


Four games four draws. You’re hardcore following this. I might start paying attention if it gets more interesting.


I wonder now if there has ever been a championship with only draws. Now I might follow this just to see if that could happen. lol.


And sure enough, game 5 was a draw.


Caruana doesn’t get white until Monday. Time for him to get some draws.

I fly to Charleston tomorrow. I found out today my vertigo was caused by a sinus infection. Ugh. Hope the flight is okay.


Oh man! I’ve heard it is dangerous to fly with a sinus condition. Just something I read somewhere.


Another draw but a close one. Caruana nearly won. I hope he wins. I don’t know why I dislike Carlsen but I do.


Another draw.