I just booked Colombia for a month in August but we have stuff to do. Hope you post pictures.

I will this weekend.

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I am so not seeing any surge in popularity in chess. The last world championship got ZERO attention. I don’t know anyone in real life who cares at all about chess.

What a day for Magnus. He just has Anand’s number.

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Tomorrow is international chess day. What are you going to do to celebrate? I’m going to the dentist and get a haircut and I’ll do 1 puzzle.

I will code. And maybe do some errands. I might contact a client I haven’t heard from for awhile.

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Anand is no longer the highest rated Indian. He was for 37 years.

India has Pragg, who just beat nakamura, Vidit, and Anand. None of them are the highest rated Indian. They are probably the second stongest chess nation now, after the USA.

Pragg vs. Magnus. Finally some interesting chess.

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Yes. I like them both.

Magnus had food poisoning and drew with white, so tiebreakers tomorrow.

I wonder if Pragg knew that if he would have played differently today. He should he underdog if it’s blitz.

Magnus won!!!

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Haha, Reg, tell it as it is … unattractive, tiresome, and hideous. You were never one to mince words. Love it.

Those sins of mine are now several months old and are covered by the BBad statute of limitations.

In a hideously unattractive and tiresome manner you are forgiven. Despite the cop out, statute of limitations my fat arse, lol.
Plus it made me chuckle.

They settled.

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Nice of you to like my posts, Bill. Do you want back in? I’m willing to try if you are.

yes! give it to him and also give pitbulls a chance :wink: