Yep. Pretty cool.


Me 2. Im not sure how much it is. If I had an extra 500000 dollars I might get one.


Might have to be tall to play. I think I’m about 5’11".


It’s the same view you get with computer chess, just bigger.


This is true.


Reg could probably afford one.


I won’t be buying one of those but I did just spend $11 on the paid version of YouTube. I got sick of the ads.


Is it 11 dollars a month? I listen to YouTube all the time in the car. Tough to skip driving.


Yeah, the ads are annoying and they are increasing. Still don’t use it enough to pay though.


I find I really like YouTube lately. I hate TV but YouTube lets me get that same info in a format I can live with.


I like youtube. Mostly for info more than entertainment. If its 11 dollars a month, I will probably save my money.



Look at how happy this homeless kid looks.


He’ll probably grow up to be a terrorist.


His head will explode.


Worth 20 bucks? Not my style but a nice gift.


I’m waiting to hear back from this seller. I have a 3x6 but this is 5x9 and it’s zero dollars.


Im saying no to that chess board.


Good call


We were given one of those as a gift. It is really unplayable.

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