The best part is that when you take an opponents piece you get to eat it.




Kramnik retired. He had been getting crushed recently. He was +1 against Kasparov. Definitely an underrated player. Although, the Russians seem like they should be a machine, their chess is more fun than carlsen and the Americans. Right now, the weirdest top 10 player in the world is Russian.

Anand could be next. Seems to be drawing winning positions.


Kramnik ended the Kasparov era. He was never one of the more interesting top players, though. Anand is a very classy human being but he will never again be WC. The thing guys like this have to face is “what else is there to do?” Kasparov tried a million things from politics to writing and never got anywhere after chess.


Very true and Kasparov is not a boring person. They could write chess books. I doubt we will ever hear kramnik’s name again. Unless Anand coaches an Indian champ, we will never hear him either.

Chess in interesting to me actually, but not the top 10 in the world. Need more human error, lol.


The most interesting thing in chess for the last decade has been Alpha Zero. That thing has me thinking the end of humanity could be very close, perhaps just a few hundred years.