The best part is that when you take an opponents piece you get to eat it.




Kramnik retired. He had been getting crushed recently. He was +1 against Kasparov. Definitely an underrated player. Although, the Russians seem like they should be a machine, their chess is more fun than carlsen and the Americans. Right now, the weirdest top 10 player in the world is Russian.

Anand could be next. Seems to be drawing winning positions.


Kramnik ended the Kasparov era. He was never one of the more interesting top players, though. Anand is a very classy human being but he will never again be WC. The thing guys like this have to face is “what else is there to do?” Kasparov tried a million things from politics to writing and never got anywhere after chess.


Very true and Kasparov is not a boring person. They could write chess books. I doubt we will ever hear kramnik’s name again. Unless Anand coaches an Indian champ, we will never hear him either.

Chess in interesting to me actually, but not the top 10 in the world. Need more human error, lol.


The most interesting thing in chess for the last decade has been Alpha Zero. That thing has me thinking the end of humanity could be very close, perhaps just a few hundred years.


Interesting piece about Carlsen. He’s still not likeable at all but I enjoyed the piece. He is not a nice looking man at all in video, which made me like him a bit more.


He does not seem nice at all, lol. Or mean, necessarily.


Definitely not mean. I just have no ability to empathize with a guy who goes up the London Eye for the first time and doesn’t even look out the window but thinks about chess problems instead. I don’t dislike him for that but it is so drastically different from my own way of being that he might as well be another species.


Like many other chess greats he’ll probably reach a certain age and his head will explode.


After awhile, Fischer decided that Jews were the Devil and celebrated 9/11. Recent champions have been more boring. I had thought Anand was the most boring but this video has me thinking Carlsen is even more so. Edited to add from Wikipedia: As of 2016, Carlsen identifies as a social democrat and mostly follows a vegetarian diet, as two of his sisters are vegetarians.


Sounds quite Norwegian.


OK, OK. Maybe not many, but some. A few?


Oh no, you’re quite right about many. We’re just having a streak of boring ones lately. Magnus does look a bit like Anders Breivik so there’s still hope he’ll snap.


I enjoyed this chess movie - “The Luzhin Defence”


Maybe it’s the preoccupation with the game.


I played live chess in a non tournament this past weekend at the local library. I played 3 games. The first two I found out were against the local chess teacher. He was very good. I did not get crushed. Or maybe he went easy so I’d come back. Then I played his friend and lost a very close game. We both thought it was a draw. 3 games in 150 minutes. 0 and 3, but I played pretty well.


I envy you. Not enough to go play in person, though. lol. I haven’t played in person for a long, long time.


I’d rather play in person, lol.


Do you like this?