LOL What’s wrong with you, Reg? You’re not afraid of me are you?


Have you ever thought about the different parallels between men and women?


When I think about it I can’t help but laugh. God does have a sense of humor.


I’m considering getting chess piece shaped cookie cutters. I already have yoga pose cookie cutters.


I may not be able to beat Carlsen at chess but I bet I could eat more chess-shaped cookies than he could.


Just as important. I’ve eaten badly the last 2 weeks, but I’ve stayed fairly active for this time of year. No sun. Freezing. Probably do yoga two or three days a week, play chess once, and eat cookies 7 days a week.

I made 20 pounds of fudge.

Considering a white chocolate pistachio fudge. I don’t like white chocolate, but I love pistachios.


How are you not 300lb?


Well, he hasn’t said how much he weighs. Pretty soon his ass is gonna be packin’ 20 pound of fudge. Not sure that came out right.


God, gross.




Almond flour


Dan, tell us what you used to make that ( I assume is gluten free) fudge. I have to know because weird as it sounds, my water has a bitter taste. Even changing brands didn’t help that much so I know my water is about to change to strawberries but I’m worried it won’t keep me satisfied and l will eat.

You make one fat joke, Will, and I will reach my hand through this phone and pull all your teeth out.


I used mamie eisenhower’s recipe. I think I can remember…

I broke up 24 oz of trader Joe’s Belgian chocolate, 2 bags of semisweet chips, 14 oz of marshmallows fluff, 6 oz of baking chocolate.

In a large saucepan, use 8 cups of sugar, 4bs of butter. 20 oz of evaporated milk, a pinch of salt. Heat that on medium. It will take 15 minutes to start boiling, but I keep stirring the whole time. After it starts to boil, stir while boiling for 6 minutes.

At this point pour sugar mixture over chocolate and stir until combined. Takes some forearms. Add 4 cups of chopped walnuts. Stir some more. Pour mixture into 3 9x13 pans. Let sit for 9 hours at room temperature covered with aluminum foil. Do not freeze. Cut and wrap in foil. I usually do the next day. Takes me longer to wrap and box, than it does make.


That sounds like a severe case of heartburn.


Oh no not really. Its definitely not good for you but I get 72 servings out of it. Marshmallow fluff is probably the worst thing on it.


I’m about to make water. I could send you some of mine.


No, thank you! I have drank from your water several times and it was equally as bitter.
You will forgive me if my thoughts run away with me and I pray for a Northern to blow in and freeze your pipes solid so they burst and water fills your home to the roof.


I thought we were friends.


You have? Ahahahaha!


make water

To urinate.

See also: make, water

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