You know what else I find interesting? The fact that I am interested. Maybe watching computers duke it out for top spot will replace the world chess championship. I wonder if it will work for F1, watching the world’s fastest self-driving cars. Now that the grid girls are gone, it’s pretty robotic anyway.


I just played some games on my phone trying to emulate that strategy. Patience, pawn sacrifices for position, ignore points, focus on long range bishops. I got creamed 5 games to nothing. lol.


That’s always been your problem, Reg! You put to much faith in a weak bishop. You should reconsider your strategy.


Grischuk is a pawn and should remember his place before he is thrown against a wall permanently broken.
The Indian kid is a brilliant player but unfortunately, because he has behaved like a boring robot for so long, he has been already programmed for future destruction.
Fischer is the greatest bully on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, bullying was his only strength and he lost his power when Kasperof learned his style and stragedy of playing the game. That’s a pity too because he needs some kind of protection against a strong opponent, lest he be bitch slapped.

Chess is like frostbite. Every wrong move burns.


Have you ever tried just not talking?


I saw a triple-screen meme on Facebook the other day depicting Fischer with his hand up, ready to backhand that naive commentator. The second meme showing the commentator startled from the action about to be taken on her. And the third panning back to pure unadulterated evil, laughing and appearing completely satisfied and accomplished with only the wave of his hand.


Fischer is dead meat against Kasperof and should go into retirement…permanently.


Unless he plans to share his own unique chess moves to the world as I’m sure the world would love to get in his head. Not me tho. I’ve been there and while heartfelt, it’s pretty dark and disgusting on the inside.


The computer doesn’t care about recovering anything. It’s only task is checkmate.


You really are incredibly stupid if you think it’s all about the bishop. One game does not make a bishop the King.
You know this game was created by a man because many times the queen is brought out late. Expressing fear by men that the queen will be taken by the opponents King. When in fact it is the craft a queen possesses that allows for easy checkmate. I have no problem using her while sacrificing every other lazy piece to protect my queen and yours if you turn away one moment.


Fischer retired in 1972. Kasparov won his first championship in 1985, 13 years later.

He did. He died a decade ago.


How fortunate for Fischer because his death would have been like getting crushed under a semi-truck on I-35 between Dallas and OKC on a hot summer night had Kasperof played one more one-sided chess game with him.


Kasparov lost his title to Kramnik almost 20 years ago. Since then we have had Kramnik, Anand and Carlsen as champions. Kasparov ran for president of Russia a decade ago and lost, and then he ran for FIDE president a few years ago and lost. I don’t know what, if anything, he is doing now.


Regarding Kasparov vs. Fischer, we will never know, of course. They never played each other. We do have this fact, though: both Spassky and Petrosian have equal records against Kasparov and Petrosian had black in all his games against Kasparov. Fischer totally destroyed both of them.

I am surprised you support the Russian over the American. Then again, you are a Republican. :slight_smile:


Do you know what I love about you, Reg?


You express this strong confidence through your silence. I love it when you express confidence in my presence.


If Fischer destroyed them, it’s because he used his bullying technique to intimidate them into submission. I can’t believe you support evil over good but then you are a fake left-leaning liberal.


Are you trying to shut me down?


That wasn’t nice!


We are just getting to know each other.