All my friends are Truth-filled and fearlessaboutit.

I’m happy for you.

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Are you still staying away from the Bible, Michele?

Hmmmm. The Bible or Trump? Which do I believe. That would be defined as a dilemma ( a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable)

Michele, come back. We miss you. Especially me.

I’m even happier for you! I’m so happy for you sometimes I think I hear angelic music in my ears. Imagine my surprise when God told me it wasn’t about me but about Him. When he told me you were an extremely great teacher and that you were correct in your teaching. “You” are, in fact, the subject!

Yes, yes! Here it is and again and I admit I failed to understand the logic of it all until God lifted the scales from my eyes allowed me to see the Truth of the subject.

One does not “stay away” from God’s Word when His Word dwells in you.
But I haven’t opened my bible yet, if that’s what you are asking.

2 excellent subjects! Both of which you and I should discuss in depth because I seek to communicate with you on a level so High, only God understands it.
Because skulking about indefinately is dangerous, since we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Or do you think Jesus died in vain?

Be not faint of heart, Will! I don’t know how many ways I have to say it. I am not going to try and force you to pray the Sinners Prayer (alrhought you may need it). You must be called. And you must ask. Otherwise, there will be no peace in Heaven, where Peace dwells. Everyone has to make their own choice.
But I am not going to be guilty of throwing away the opportunity to discuss Him with you, because I value your opinion. Even if you do speak as one with wisdom, I wonder if you truly know everything.
At this point, I only have one question for you.

Why did God send His Son to die for us? Please don’t cite John 3:16. Everyone is familiar with His undying love for man. Why did he feel the need to go that far to prove His Love for us? Why did He feel it was the only Way He could save the world? He is God! He can save the world in numerous ways. Why the Sacrifice?

I know nothing.

A very humble but simple-minded response to the most thought-provoking subject on earth. It’s ok! I know you can’t help it.

What makes you think he did, aside from one book of apparent fiction that says so?

Fair enough! Hypothetically speaking!

If Jesus died for my sins, then I have nothing to worry about unless you think I was a sinner when I popped out of Mommy’s vagina. If you think that then what were my sins? I didn’t fuck Eve.

Speaking of that, the real miracle is that Joseph bought that ridiculous story.

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Oh, Brother! Apparently, this is too deep for either of you.
Since this thread subject is chess and chess is a thinking mans game, I could offer to discuss the parallels between chess and life but I only recently remembered you are 1 minute Blitzers where no thought is required.

I got some chess piece shaped cookie cutters.

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There’s a chess game I could win.

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Checkmate! So far I think I like the rook the best. Less crispy than the bishop. King and queen are on the big size, but I like small cookies.

Its pumpkin snickerdoodle.

The best part is that when you take an opponents piece you get to eat it.

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