Today’s bmw. No joke. Lol.

Bad month for tesla.

Hyundai did that to me in 2018. My credit score dropped over 50 pts. I didn’t even know why it dropped. I was in the middle of getting a mortgage pre-approval. The whole thing took 3 months to “fix”. I “fixed” it by paying off the loan. It seems I wasn’t the only one. It worked out ok for me since I had to delay housebuying for 3 months and I love my house.

After paying 25000 of the 26000 dollar loan, they reported I didn’t make a payment. I called Hyundai and spoke to a woman that had done nothing wrong and didn’t care about me or hyundai and basically told her that I will never buy a new hyundai again.

They affects 2.2 million people. I wonder how many repeat customers they lost. They are almost as expensive as toyota now.

That’s fair. Lesson learned.
I wish they would make Hyundai set up a permanent fund for future buyers with a credit score lower than 630 to assist in restoring their credit and place in society as a perpetual reminder of Hyundai’s commitment to protecting consumers.

Did that make you feel better? I mean, you obviously know you weren’t really heard.

They are a big company and there are 227 million licensed drivers in the US. I doubt they care.

Many people (including me) have predicted this is the way cars will evolve. Moving living rooms.

The lesson learned is to not buy a new hyundai. I wasn’t positive that she wouldn’t not document due to them temporarily ruining my credit score while trying to buy a house, so it may have been worth it.

They don’t care at all. All I would get would be $6. 13.2 million/2.2 million. Less than $6 actually. That would be quite insulting to give $5 to 2.2 million people who had their credit score affected, due to hyundai’s stupidity.

Right. They are too big to care. That’s why they should have a permanent reminder.

This is as bad as Volkswagen. Who can you buy a car from now?

Toyota is having a bad year.

More bad news for Toyota. This one less bad.

It is not as bad because there are barely any available. I think toyota is all about solid state and would rather sell solid state cars in 10 years and let hyundai, Volkswagen and tesla sell cars that will be in very low demand with the current batteries in 10 years.

Wow. 20 years of fake emissions results. It’s nowhere on the news, either. I hope they don’t get a pass. I still respect the brand. I put myself on the waiting list for an electric Blazer. It cost $100 just to get on the list. I don’t know if I will buy it when my name comes up but I want the option.

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I’m pretty sure you can get the $100 back if you decide to not get it.

I didn’t know they were making an electric blazer.

Did you go through a dealer or GMC of Canada?

Hyundai dealers are marking up $10000 here for the ioniq5. I have never gone to a dealer for service. If that wasn’t needed, dealers seem like they would not really be needed. I think Ford just wants people to buy a new car on their sire, and just have it delivered. Like Tesla, I guess.

It’s funny because I almost bought a Bolt which is fugly compared to this thing. It was just the only electric car I could actually buy on the lot right now today. This Blazer looks way better and would really fit my world. It goes 515 km on a charge which is enough for two to three weeks for me. I wouldn’t even care about charging at home. I would just go for lunch near a charger once a week and the thing would always be ready to go.

You have to reserve it on the GMC Canada website, which then asks you which dealer you want to pick it up at. I chose the local Surrey dealer. They have the tallest Canadian flagpole that I have ever seen.


Markups are illegal in Canada. No dealer is permitted to sell for more than list price.

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We do the freedom of price gouging down here.

I’ll check out the blazer!

How is 20 years of fake emissions results less bad?
It is a disgusting and deceptive thing they have been doing for so many years with no accountability.

You should take your time and make sure that’s what you want. It’s your money and you certainly will pay for it.

The less bad one is the bzx4 recall. 20 years of false reporting is anything but less bad.

Of course. Is that because it produces less emissions?

Michele, it’s a seller’s market for electric vehicles. Everyone wants one but nobody has them for sale. This is especially true in Canada where dealers aren’t allowed to charge markups. The waiting list for a Kia EV6 is 2 years. An electric Toyota Rav4 is 5 years. A VW ID4 is 2 years and that’s a 3 year old vehicle now. I might be able to buy the Blazer next year. It’s not my style and I dislike the idea of driving a Chevy but I want to go electric and this would get me in the game. It’s also not ugly although it doesn’t look as good to my eyes as my current car. I don’t lust after it but it would certainly reduce my gas bills and it would be new.