Canada 2018

Tough year for Canada on the world stage. First we had a huge spat with the Saudis over a tweet which encouraged the release of peaceful protesters. Then Trump went on his NAFTA binge which ended in, well, no significant changes. Finally, we arrested a Chinese businesswoman for the US and everything has hit the fan with China.

I am totally on Canada’s side with the first two. Trump and the Saudis are both bullies and telling them to f off was 100% the right decision. The third is much harder. I hate that we were used by Trump to arrest a businesswoman for something that isn’t a crime in Canada (dealing with Iran). That said, we do have such a treaty with the Americans and treaties are worthless if one side ignores them. I can only hope our Supreme Court declines to extradite her and releases her.

Hopefully we’ll be in the news less in 2019.