Canada 2018

Happy Canada day!!!

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Gracias! Happy America Day 3 days in advance.


Happy Canada Day 2024 and same for America on the third. Went to Chilliwack and saw a cpl bands pretty good turnout from kids to teens to sr.citizens left because I did not sleep well the last two days and was yawning big time. Here in Hope they had a live band at the Mountain Brewing Company on the patio and some event at the baseball field which had a good turnout. Have a CDN flag hanging off the back of my vehicle. They had a ceremony out east to remember the Newfoundland Regiment that was decimated in 1916 in France an unknown soldier was buried but they did not run a DNA test to see if they could identify the soldier. The news says Canada Day celebrations are declining in attendance and showed a guy with a child in his shoulders making a clenched fist saw that in Chilliwack and a fair bit of crime talk the Jeremy Dyck fan club showed up man is his clique going downhill thin Indo guys. One group was mentioning the arc torch crew on Silver Skagit Rd. saying hi to me. Hope Infowars guy is okay haven’t seen him since the trailer next to his was torched on that rd in late May new ppl are in his old trailer some ppl on the rd told me they did not know him others say he was arrested for serious charges out east they hoped it was lies. Highway To Hell star Jamie Davis lives nearby at 19652 Silver Skagit he runs a towing company. Like shows like that on occasion it’s cool he lives here. Saw a guy with a Sons Of Asperation patch with a British Columbia bottom rocker walking with a woman next to Memorial Park.

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They cancelled the fireworks in Vancouver permanently. I am 100% for that decision. Dogs hate it, birds get killed, and it’s heavy on emissions. Just use drones or better yet just sing a few patriotic songs and call it a night. Foolish to blow things up for kicks.

Interesting, this. I hadn’t thought of it but it makes some sense to me. I Googled to see if America Day celebrations were down and I only found this. It stunned me. They’re down to $90/person for food. What the actual heck? How much do Americans eat on July 4?

Too bad I like fireworks but was rushed off my feet in a crowd surge once that was scary,

Food here is equivalent to housing in Vancouver. Unaffordable. I’m not surprised that you assume Americans overeat. Price gouging would be an unfair assumption.

$90 USD would feed Erika and me for three days.

Canada is favored to win silver in men’s basketball at the Olympics.

I can also eat very cheap. Most of the food I eat is inexpensive. I’m somewhat scared that restaurant employees don’t wash their hands, so that reduces how much it I eat out. I did discover a spectacular vegetarian restaurant 2 months ago. I’ve probably been there almost 10 times.

I just have a hard time believing that $90/day/person is normal for food consumption in the US. We go for sushi at a normal (not fancy but nice) restaurant and it costs $40 USD for the two of us. For the rest of the day, we might eat (maximum) $20 USD between the two of us. That’s $60 USD for two, or $30 each, and that’s eating out. Obviously some days we’ll go to a nice restaurant and it will cost a lot but on an average day, $30 each is normal for us.

Right on great hope we do well.

It’s not normal for 2 but when you’re feeding 10, that’s reasonable and on a holiday like the 4th, that would probably be a good average but I’ve paid more.