Dear God, not you, too. I am not bloody Dutch! I am three quarters normal and I have a small, nearly undetectable bit of inferior genetics as many people do. I have overcome this handicap and have led a normal life.

Pastor Visser,

the nemesis of Pastor Lindstedt, is Dutch, too.
Always remember: * only * Swiss-German heritage is superior to ours, as it is highest. Apart from this, we’re second to none.

lol dutch all around you and inside you… you are so lucky and should be proud!

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…and because of Your “normal” flying dutchman’s life, you’re goofing off here now. I totally understand You! Always remember: many dutch and northern Germans amongst :two_hearts:Mennonite :two_hearts: separatists…we’re spiritual people created in his likeness, always drawn close to god like mosquitos to the light. We cannot without our creator. We feel him. He is our blood.

Dear God. I quite like the Germans but the Swiss are clowns. I can’t respect a nation that won’t take a stand. And don’t say “our heritage”. I am not one of you. God.

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Ahhh, I got You. You’re a Trumpian, all American boy. With hundreds of military basis across the globe instead of this pityful swiss neutrality don’t taking a stand.

Yes, Daniel, that must be it.

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these actions sound very american to me…

That raid drew widespread criticism when it was recently revealed that the RCMP had authorised the use of lethal force to disperse the site.

Oh Canada! What the fuck are you thinking. Kill for a pipeline?

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I am not against that particular pipeline but to kill for it? Insanity.

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amen!, though recent history has shown that killing for profit is normal (northern) american behaviour…

History shows Europeans find it entertaining.

there are deluded people in all countries and areas, the bigger the country; the more deluded

(and of course what is deluded or entertaining to one…)

That’s rich coming from a citizen of a tiny country deluded by legal prostitution.

legal prostitution is way better than illegal prostitution or people being raped because there is no prostitution clearly available

you should tell me about my country becoming number 10 in exporting weapons… now that is something that bothers me

Should I assume rape is non-existent in the Netherlands?

Why should I? It appears you are telling me.

no but you should assume its much lower than if there wasnt legal prostitution

i like to help people;)

It still exists. Your last post implied prostitution is the answer.

That seems random and out of place but whatever.

lol i dont think so, i just stated that i think its much better than the alternatives

some see random acts of kindness, others see attacks