I’m seeing a whole lot of this type of thing today. The BBC tries to make the queen look like a hero. Africans and others are having none of it.

rightly so, the brits (like so many other countries including my own) became rich because of plundering and committing many atrocities
most countries have apologised for this and paid reparations but britain never has done this

i highly doubt that your new queen camilla will make any apologies while wearing that crown with 2800 diamonds stolen from india lol but maybe charles will (after he is done counting the 500 million dollar that he inherits from his mom and saving the environment)

I can’t even buy laundry soap at Amazon without this horse excrement.

Some people are being very gracious.

Also this.


And this.

This too.


Iran has an interesting take.

Ah the Irish. Chanting “Lizzy’s in a box” at a local football game. lol.

I don’t even know if this is real but it’s funny. Irish dancers seemingly celebrating the Queen’s death.

If the British Royals wouldn‘t have stolen those diamonds, so some Maharadscha would. Either way, the normal Indian citizens were robbed. Both is wrong. The rich and mighty always steal, but only the „traditional“ burglars and thieves have to get behind bars for way less.

yup… ok stop that! you are making sense to me :wink:

We do not say to thieves, “if you hadn’t stolen that car, maybe someone else would have”. We say, “you stole that car so you will now go to jail and then pay restitution”. I see no reason why the Queen of England should be treated differently.

the reason is money and the power that can be bought with it (unfortunately)

If the Maharadschas and non-royal legal thieves like entrepreneurs, bankers or the leaders of tax haven states get thrown behind bars as well, I have no problem with British royals viewing the world through swedish bars. Those „legal“ thieves/burglars are way worse and do way more harm to society than the traditional thieves/burglars. Which of course belong behind bars as well.

Liz Truss is already sucking.