And after the Brits did a good thing with gene editing, they do an absurd thing with measurements.

I like the lb better than the kg and the gram better than the oz.

They should probably just stick to what they are used to. If it wasn’t for their signage and their steering wheels on the wrong side of the car, driving on the right side of the road seems like a better move. It would be a huge undertaking and probably impossible. Hopefully, their cars are more expensive since they are specialty made.

I’m pro-metric. It makes sense for everything to be a multiple of 10.

India drives on the left. China drives on the right. Self driving cars should eventually make the question of which lane to use irrelevant.

Yes. Once we get rid of that pesky steering wheel. Hopefully the car will know what side it is supposed to be on.

Boris is out. I don’t really care, other than noting that lies brought him down which is to the UK’s credit. Trump’s endless lies never concerned the right in the US.

I didn’t even know there was an election. I wonder what the next big topic will be. We’ve had this year… covid, ukraine, USA assault weapons in hands of civilians, abortion.

Certainly, abortion is settling down. We need something to stress over. Maybe a recession?

There wasn’t a election. Tories revolted and kicked him out.

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You sound bitter here. Perhaps you should take watchyamacallit’s advice, too.

They are freaking out in the UK because it hit 40C (104F). That happens every year here, lol.

lol yes the poor west europeans may have to experience those insane temps every year from now on as well

The next PM of the UK will either be a (racial) Indian or a woman.

From the little I know of this, I disagree with the sentence. 19 years for manslaughter is too much anyways. It seems he came home and stabbed the man to death that was breaking into his house. He should have called the police. He wasn’t in his house initially, so there was little danger to him. He was outnumbered and still managed to kill a burglar.

It seems the “victim” was an awful human being.

Even if he was guilty of manslaughter, I’d give him zero days in jail.

Give him a medal and let him get on with his day.

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Why not? A man, who never entered the Whitehouse, was given 7.5 years for the Jan 6 riot.

Double life +40 years probably isn’t enough for this guy. His crime is worse than manslaughter.