This is long, about 40 min. It is also one of the best boxing documentaries on one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. Certainly the greatest upset since Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. Speaking of Tyson, he does commentary on this fight and is brilliant. He’s looking good as he ages, too. Evander Holyfield, Sylvester Stallone and some other famous people also do commentary. Really an interesting documentary.

By the way, the rematch for this fight happens on Saturday.

Yes. I saw that. Ruiz weighed 268 lbs in the 1st fight. He thought that was a little heavy. He now weighs 283 lbs. I haven’t watched the documentary yet, but I like them both. Which is unusual I guess.

I looked up to see what weight class Wilder and Fury are in. I think they are in the same. A little confusing but Fury weighs 257 and Wilder weighs 213. Their matchup might be coming up soon. I like them both, too. Wilder is considered the most devastating puncher since Tyson and some say the most devastating ever. I’m not sure. If they ever fought each other in their prime, I don’t think it would have lasted long. Wilder did prove he can take hits pretty well in the last fight. Probably better than Tyson did. I don’t know how you can connect against either of them, knowing being off balance for a second, could leave you braindead.

I just watched Tyson Fury destroy Deontay Wilder in their rematch. It was one of the richest heavyweight fights in history. It was also one of the weirdest fights I’ve seen. Fury connected with Wilders ear, rupturing his ear drum and blood started pouring out of Wilder’s ear. Fury then started to LICK the blood on Wilder. Beyond disgusting. He had said verbatim before the fight that he wanted to taste blood this fight. He did.

233 and 273 on the weights

For this fight yea. Not the 1st fight.

I saw some of the highlights. Didn’t look close. Wilder was probably just used to bullying everyone. Fury was 40 lbs heavier. Could you imagine how tiring it is when he grabs on to you and just leans you back into the ropes?

I just can’t get over Fury licking the other guy’s blood. Effing disgusting. Now that I think of it, I seem to recall Daniel talking about drinking blood for sexual pleasure. He’s German though. Those Europeans are deviants. Then again Fury is British so maybe that explains it.

He’s an interesting guy. Used to be an anti-semite I believe. Then he tried to kill himself. I 100% believe he is reborn. He’s obviously still nuts but I’ll focus on the good. He donates a ton to charity. Probably a higher % than any other athlete.

He obviously has good traits, and I am almost always one to cheer for the guy who came from nothing to achieve success. Licking blood though…god…disgusting.

It’s tyson like.

Yes, although Tyson gets a pass from me. He was always a savage. You can’t complain when you pay someone to be a savage and then they are. Fury plays the Christian gentleman who leads his team in prayer before every fight.

Clarissa Shields is the name that come to mind when people mention boxing now. Finally taking more interest in women’s boxing, but mostly just the training and interviews and not the violence.

She looks deceptively lighter especially in her robe but here you see her body at 168 and she is quite the big girl. She looks good at 168, just optimal. I don’ think I can be any more proportionate male at that weight with bodyfat ratio and measurements.

There is a lot of controversy in boxing about handwraps. But does a wrap really make that much of a difference if it is just and honest wrap and not loading the fist with plaster or metal etc?

Here are two professionals and how they wrap. Listen to strich Duran and watch him just give a plain simple wrap. Then watch Freddie Roach. I know people say a lot fo bad things about Freddie Roach but he has an uncanny wrapping ability. Notice how he even double folds the pad over the knuckles. He wraps like a spider and it is very entertaining to watch how intricately he wraps the boxers like a spider using silk after snaring prey.

What strikes me as odd is how thoroughly and firm he wraps the forearm and hand. Stitch says not to cut off the circulation, but Roach will wrap the the boxer like he has blood flow from slit wrist or backhand. Watch his careful wrapping get more and more forceful and notice Freddie suddenly tears away from the wraps like he pulled away a razor blade. I think he wraps by instinct and feel but it looks more for a self inflicted self harm injury. Maybe there is a suicide gene among good boxers.

It’s like the invisible hand and the supply equals demand thing. Supply the wraps and be the safety…

It was this fight in particular that I noticed the strange spider like power. See how tight pacquiao’s guard is? Always even, perfectly parallel and held together like the gloves are laced together. He resets every time with his forearmsswiveling like silkening a web between sticks and pulling the tension tight. It even looks like he cacthes flies with it in the shadow after images. Just watch and picture spiders liek jumping spiders, orb webs spiders, net throwing spiders etc.

I want to talk about decpetive shorter fighter’s and appreciating taller fighter’s difficulty with them in another post.

A note about a decpetive fighter like pacquiao. Even though he is the same height or even shorter than his opponents he often has the longer reach being measured from arm pit to tip of closed fist.

He doesn’t lead in with his head fro headbutts(something I want to discuss) and he does not fight in at close range. True some opponents are taller and with longer reach but pacquiao punches at mostly full reach, that is the zone he gets in. If it means being outside, the same or inside the opponents reach so be it. But he does not punch from outside or inside that range than other almost full arm extension. he braces and hunkers down for power so it appears he throws short punches but look at the punches and they are almost always exactyl at full arm measure landing with maximum force due to the travel and acceleration. he is hunched and his knees are more bent so he seems he has to take the inside but his optimum range is at the farthest his fists are forom his body.

Here is one of Tyson’s fights. Note how he forces Berbick to keep his head up at times. Tyson always tries to close the distance to maximize his shorts arms and forte of short punches. That is ture but a cover up to how much he leads with his head forward. A taller opponent either has to keep his head very upright or excessivley bend down or tile his head down to avoid the head forehead crown smash to to the nose and mouth. Tyson always seems to miss a punch and then drops his head into his opponents chest as if to recover balance.

Watch Tyson repeatedly drop his head amd move forwards to “close the distance to land the punch” When he does not land the punch he always slams in with the head. Nobody ever calls it headbutting because his charging in with a punch he might purposely be missing.

You do not see fighter’s like Canelo or Pacquiao threatening with the head so much. Prince Naseem used very excessive head movement to avoid punches but it also greatlyincreased the probability of an “accidental” head butt.
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You will see boxers try to counter Tyson’s bull rush in by putting their chins or jawline on top of his head. He makes fighter’s nervous by gnashing his teeth near their chest where he will often place his head. Is it just natural movement? Observe Pac and Canelo the latter who has almost zero head movement but lifts opponents by neck strength alone. You don’t see the angle forward of the head or lead with the head followed by a haymaker miss.