Black Lives Matter

you are just incredibly stupid.

At this point in your life, the “Y” in you should be capitalized.

at this point in my life i don’t care.

At this point, you should.

and you think I should listen to you?

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. You seem to take instruction well.

Black lives matter. Black lives that are currently swinging knives at other people do not matter. She got what she deserved.


Seriously, wth? How is this even a thing? The cop is a hero.

In the next 11 seconds, Bryant was seen charging at 20-year-old Shai-Onta Lana Craig-Watkins with a kitchen knife and then moving on to 22-year-old Tionna Bonner before Reardon yelled, “Get down!” and fired four consecutive shots into Bryant’s chest.


I bet the girl whose life he saved isn’t bitching.

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A taser would have stopped her.

I bet she is, under her breath.

my mother thinks black lives matter
she has a blood clot
i don’t think so

Right. There are no coincidences.

Do you think God is punishing her for her BLM support?

No, but it surprises me that you do. I believe the poor thing has probably been double vaccinated.

This is madness to me. The cops go up to a door with a valid warrant. Someone shoots at them through the door and hits one of them. The cops return fire and an innocent woman is killed. Should the cops have not returned fire? I would never want to be a cop today.

I could be wrong about this Breonna Taylor case. Apparently the cops charged lied to get a warrant. If that’s true, those cops should be charged. Any cop who didn’t lie and just shot back in self defense should be left alone IMO.