Black Lives Matter

I agree with this policy. Political expression is fine on your own time. Not at work.

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sure, but if you allow your staff to wear pro lgbtq shirts they should also be allowed to wear blm shirts… and after complaints starbucks agrees with that lol

i wonder if one of their staff members will now try to wear a white power shirt…

I didn’t know they were allowed to wear sodomy shirts. If they’re allowed to wear sodomy shirts, I definitely feel they should be allowed to wear BLM shirts. That said, I would prefer if Starbucks banned all slogans on their staff’s clothing.

This is interesting. I actually have some sympathy for these cops. We need new rules so everyone, including the police, know what’s allowed and what’s not.

Atlanta (CNN) [Breaking news update, published at 8:46 p.m. ET]

Hours after a fired police officer was charged with felony murder for fatally shooting a man in the back, Atlanta police officers are not responding to calls in three zones, multiple sources within Atlanta Police Department tell CNN.

This has legs.

It’s official. In Canada, if you say “All Lives Matter”, you’re gonna get in trouble. It’s been that way in the US for awhile now but it’s come home.

Black lives matter. This is a statement of absolute truth. It’s also critical to note that black lives are being taken and we need to focus on that problem at this time and solve it. Black lives matter. No ifs ands or buts.

Now, new topic.

White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Brown lives matter. Latino lives matter. None of these are racist statements. All lives matter. This can be used to distract from the fact that Black lives matter, and that shouldn’t happen. It is not racist, however. All lives matter.

black lives matter absolute truth? lol, its only a silly commercial slogan that sheep shout and repeat, it is as helpful as shouting out for feminism…

as wonderful and just as both concepts are: to help everyone to equal rights and treatment, it has the opposite effect because instead of reinforcing the idea that there is only one race the human race instead you select and place apart a group from the entire human population

you separate yourself from others and thus encourage yourself and other people to continue to treat eachother differently, basically promoting a vicious circle of inequality and hatred

yes! if you want to make a real difference then all lives matter should be your slogan!

All morality is a series of silly slogans. Your world view especially is a series of simplistic slogans. Free speech is absolute. Pit bulls are equal to all other dogs, it’s the owners at fault when they kill someone. Words don’t matter. Hope is stupid. Borders are stupid. There is only one race.

Aside from that, I largely agree with you. Black Lives Matter is probably needed right now but I hope it fizzles out and dies in the long term. Building walls between people is stupid.

BTW: I’m not singling you out. My world view is also a series of simplistic slogans.

call them complex, simple, slogans, principles, believes… stick to them like i do or change and drop them when convenient as you do lol… its of no importance; as long as you thought about them carefully and they work for you thats all that really matters

yes i believe free speech is a right for all, pitbulls are dogs and it is always the owners fault if a dog hurts someone (dogs dont kill, humans do… although some say its the rabbits:


words do matter or at least to the ones speaking them and to those that listen and give value to what is spoken
i try to avoid the word stupid because what is stupid to one… :wink:
hope is indeed a waste of time and energy and borders are nonsense to me, but i believe everything can be beneficial to someone

ah being an exhibitionist you still have that wall up but they have changed a little bit and are now called your musings lol (i prefer your old background… )

Yes, you believe all those things. You’re wrong about them all, but I admit I like the fact that you stick to them even though they are obviously stupid (I do like the word stupid and use it quite often).

Yes, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, but not that much of one and much less of one as I age and as the net matures. 20 years ago, people would blog about what they did during the day and thousands would eagerly read it. These days people are over it and nobody cares.

By the way, what is it you accuse me of changing on? I do pride myself on changing my opinion when I realize I was wrong, but I can’t think of anything posted on that wall that I haven’t believed for 40 years. I also prefer the old background but it didn’t fit the current black & white theme.

me wrong?! as if that is even possible lol silly

not so much as an accusation as an observation by me
i browsed both sites quickly and as far as i remember i think besides changing the order and the background you added and removed some musings (lol i like that word probably because it reminds me of amusing) but i cant be bothered to recheck and wasnt really commenting on that

i think changing your opinion when you realise you are wrong is natural and right, but changing it to only suit your needs in certain situations is not

in particular i remember a silly example where you said you wouldnt try to stop a thief from stealing if that thief was your wife or family member? and you believed everyone else would do the same thing (or something similar)

Ah yes, true. I remember that. I think it went something along the lines of what would I do if my woman was going to steal. I said something like I’d try to talk her out of it and then if she did it anyway, I’d help her cover it up, lying if needed.

Yes, I would do that. Yes, I think most people would do that.

yes and thats why humans will never have equality or live in peace with eachother

So Nico, if you ever found a woman willing to marry you (let’s say a blind cripple or something), and she stole something, would you rat her out to the police?

no i wouldnt call it ratting out, i call it helping her and doing what is right

But you would call the police and inform them that she had stolen something?

like you i would first try to talk her out of it and do what i can to prevend it from happening but yes if needed i would definitely call the cops

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I hit “like” because I like your straight answer, not because I would do the same thing.

how about a murder, would you cover that up as well?