They have aps for everything. Including birdsnapping. I just never take pictures of birds.

Check Israel. Perhaps they are gathering for the next feast.

We no longer have any birds around here at all.

Blame it Trump for refusing to sign the Paris Climate Accord. Liberal birds committed to Middle East migration if Trump won the election.

Will you ever make sense?

Oh, were you being serious? I thought I did make sense when I said the birds may have migrated to Israel in preparation for a feast. It was just a reference to a scripture in the Bible. Whatever! Have a nice day!

This impressed me. A bird that flew thousands of kilometres across the Indian Ocean without stopping.

Very impressive.

Isa has a degree in biology and told me that many birds can even have sex in the air without landing. We decided not to try it. lol.

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Saw a pair of ducks walking around downtown Vancouver today. They weren’t afraid of us at all.

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they should be very afraid
camera steal the soull
yes, ducks have souls

nice looks like they are sleepy;)
is this a rare thing there? if you take a walk in any park here lots of birds will already fly near you and if you start feeding them they will take food from your hand, especially the pigeons (and if you live closer to the sea seagulls might even chase and attack you lol)

Rare, no, but most ducks (or any birds) won’t let people get within a meter or two. These two didn’t care. We have tons of birds here. Seagulls are the most plentiful but there are tons of ducks and Canada Geese (huge!) and pigeons and crows and even eagles. And dozens more.

That said, the birds in Colombia were louder, prettier and more interesting to me. This was in my apartment complex in Medellín. You can’t see them, but you don’t need to.

ah ok
lol guess it takes time to get used to that noise, just like people living next to airports or trainstations dont even hear them after a while

It wasn’t often like that. Just sometimes the pericos would go nuts. Those are the birds you can hear in that video (green birds pictured below). Usually you’d hear an occasional chirp and no more.

Every now and then we’d see Macaws. Those were huge, colourful and stunning.

Note: these photos aren’t mine. I just googled them.

yes beautiful, nature is pretty amazing (especially when humans are not around)

cuz most humans are space aliens

please dont insult et

for a human to type that indicates a certain amount of self-loathing