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I don’t see how any intelligent human can fail to loathe its own species in many ways. It is generally quite contemptible. Indeed, the world itself is quite contemptible and ugly as Gunda pointed out some years ago. I had never thought of it that way but she’s right. What kind of design makes us kill things we love to survive? What kind of system creates this much suffering? If God exists, he’s a sadist.

I hope we are able to improve on the design but I don’t much care lately. Our purpose is to create that which replaces us and then merge into it. We’re busy doing exactly that.

you should love killing
problem solved

Really? You just vented about human flaws and then blamed it on God, whom you don’t believe ever existed. Your logic is deeply flawed.

Nonsense, Michele. I did not design my own body to require the death of other things in order to survive. No human did. It either evolved or was created. If it evolved, it is still not my fault. If it was created, it is the creator’s fault. It’s quite straightforward. It’s also quite disgusting in so many ways.

Oh, I’m embarrassed now. I totally had you pegged as a sadist.

Careful, now. You must believe in God to blame Him.

Nothing ever is.

Blame is a useful tool for a college graduate.

Michele doesn’t like college graduates

education is the best cure for blind faith

the best cure for christianity is reading the bible - mark twain


I love this story, and would support the birds colluding to place bands around the scientists’ necks.

lol smart birds helping eachother… nice job!

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