Big Tech

Well, this is unexpected. There is much truth here.

America is NOT the greatest nation on earth, neither Google or Facebook can destroy that, it does not exist. The US has much bigger problems to fix to make the godforsaken place great again. I might listen to a politician yelling about the gun laws or arms deals or lack of healthcare or the walls it’s trying to build or, or, . In fact I think shutting a politician the fuckup ain’t such a bad thing.

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Try to follow along, Julie. The subject is free speech, not a clip on America’s greatness, even tho we are very great.

This shows what you know. Google, Twitter and Facebook are shutting down, censoring and banning people. I understand your lack of knowledge on the subject since the only people getting shut down are conservative.

Imagine banning Trump from tweeting… marvellous

Who cares. It would be another unimportant, conservative voice. Won’t it be lovely when you all can sit around and agree that you agree lol. You should use your voice to force shutting Trump down since you don’t debate well.

I was referring to her stating that America is the greatest nation on earth. Try to follow along, sweetie

Im not your sweetie but I’m flattered by your tenderness for me. I know what you were referring to. It continues to be unfortunate that you ignore, distract or perhaps are just incapable of addressing the subject of the video.

You and your minions can certainly relate to it. It’s okay. I’m stronger for it.
I am surprised by your ability to recognize the truth and thank you for acknowledging it.

Well, my old wood fired computer is about to bite the dust. Just ordered an Asus Chromebook. It wasn’t expensive so if it doesn’t work out I’m not out much. It got the top review on Cnet (july 2019).

I’ve never tried a Chromebook but I love the idea. They store everything in the cloud and you lose nothing if it dies.

I guess the question is how secure the cloud is. I assume it’s just a huge data center somewhere. Which made me wonder if you ever had trouble with hackers.

That’s exactly what it is. Chromebooks are Google-centric so all your stuff is in the various Google data centers, most of which are in the US so the government can patriot-act your stuff whenever they want. I don’t care. I have nothing that really matters at that level.

When I owned my data centery whole life was spent fighting attacks. Horrible existence.

I doubt I have anything the government would care about. Depending on how Orwellian it gets I suppose. If it gets to that point my data would be the least of my problems. There is no privacy or data security anymore.

That right there is the only way to be “secure” online. Accept that there is no security, assume everything you have will be accessed by government and criminals (not that there’s much difference) and don’t have things that can compromise you.

If I didn’t know better I would think that was a discreet confession of the truth.

Confession? Assertion, perhaps. Remember, Republicans control the government in the US.

You acknowledge the truth of corruption at the highest levels but support big government.

Correct. The size of government alone does not lead to corruption. Canada has much bigger government than the US per capita with far less corruption. Venezuela has far less government than the US per capita with far more corruption.

I never said nor did I even imply it. Watch your step. I’m about to ask a question.

If you know governments are crooked and it’s leaders are corrupt, why would you support a bigger government where the risk of even more politicians can syphon your money out???