Bicycles & Scooters

BMW makes bicycles. Interesting. Tempting, even.

I think I like the plain white above but this is also cool looking.

it’s good for looks to run the wires through the frame
do you need a certified bmw mechanic to work on them?

I was fearing BMW pricing but from what I can see, these are very competitively priced.

that was a serious inquiry
do internal cables make sense for maintenance?

I honestly don’t know. I can tell you all the premium bicycle makers are doing that now. It’s prettier. It’s obviously harder to work on but whether that’s a real-world problem with modern tech is something I can’t speak to. I haven’t owned a bicycle for ages. I plan to buy a pair when we get home to Canada.

with all the things that can go wrong in life, do you really need to add “and i just found out the frame leaks in that clever doohickey the cables in my bike enter the frame through”?

maybe it’s a gasket
i know not what course others may take
as for myself
give me a flange
or give me death

How does it work Reg? Weight transfer? Do you use two buckets, one filled with water and the other soft soaked cookies?

Can you ride it sweat pants with wooden clothespins at the bottoms?

You should be looking at wheelchairs. Silly diabetic.

i wonder if that makes him type at me more
or less

Oh you need special underwear to ride those.

yes, magical Mormon underwear.

Don’t listen to them, Reg. I found the perfect modern bicycle for you. Hands-free riding.

I don’t know what it is but no Tesla product appeals to me. I quite like Elon Musk, however.

EDIT: Actually that’s not true. I like their home power batteries.

You’re right. This bike doesn’t really look like you at all. After a closer look at the sleek and solid design, I’ve decided, it looks like me.

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I’m loving the look of this folding e-Bike.

I found the perfect bike for Will. Something to keep his hair dry. The music is an unintentional bonus so he may have to pause at 1 minute to gain composure.