Bible and qu'ran

In the qu’ran, there is Sura 10 about Prophet Jonah.
The qu’ran describes him as a proper prophet, turning around entirely an unbelieving people.
Yet he is a caricature of a prophet. A rather bad prophet.
But he gets his things done so well, that even the cows fall down to their knees before god.

The bible analysis goes more like this:

Is there another message apart from “Mohammed got it all wrong and was to stupid to get the story”?
I mean, given the Satanic crap going on in Europe what kind of prophet do we deserve (and the qu’ran states that there will be a prophet for every nation)? The worst! Nothing but the worst prophet. “Turn around or freaking burn”. Thats the kind of prophet Europeans do need. The worst and harshest one. A consuming fire. —> A JONAH! Islam as punishment for European Israelites for losing their faith? The worst prophet imaginable: Mohammed-Jonah. Gets the job done. Women wear modest cloth and sexual perversions done away with.
So sad though.

Seek refuge. Resist Babylon.

Yes. The message is that Jesus Christ never existed on the planet earth, and Mohammed (who did likely exist) was a pedophile charlatan.

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Jeremiah 51:25 I am against you, you destroying mountain, you who destroy the whole earth, declares the LORD. I will stretch out my hand against you, roll you off the cliffs, and make you a burned-out mountain.

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Are you going to translate also?

What’s to translate? God got pissed at Babylon and threw a hissy fit. The OT is full of his hissy fits.

Fun fact: Islam has the same prone to error when it comes to portraying dept and interest rate positively.

I always had a problem with Jeshua portraying dept and interest positively in the parable of the talents. I am fully aware it is a parable having nothing to do with money, however I always found it to be problematic as a faithful no-debt gold-standard guy.

Islam is not prone to this!!! I just found out:
Sura 64:17
who ever LENDS to Allah will be forgiven his sins and receives back A MULTITUDE of the lend sum.

I know it isn’t about money here either, yet the imagery portrays debt and interests in a positive light just as the “problematic” parable of the talents in the bible where the gold-standard guy digs a hole in the ground and keeps the talent untouched and gets punished by god for it.

this profane language, it’s terrible.

They were unrepentant, proud sinners practicing multi-culturalism, disbelieving in gods almighty power but rather believing in science and technology!!! They have fallen have fallen. They got what they deserved.

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What about the 2nd temple ACTUALLY having been destroyed and a 3rd temple (“the community of believers” - Christianity) ACTUALLY having been built up in three days?
If you deny Christ, are you denying “the Christ effect” out there for all to see, too?

You don’t have to like the truth about these temples, but it is visible even to the most blatant atheist these two things happened just as recorded in the bible.

That might even be the reason why Jews hate Christians. As long as faith in Christ exists “the third temple”, it ridicules every attempt to build a stone building as a third temple, making this zionist attempt within a secular state of so called “Israel” even look like a babylonial build-up to anger god and provoking his wrath again!!!

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Piss and its variants are not profane. These words are used many times in the Bible.

PS: I see Michele is liking your posts. Nice to see you still coming by, Michele. We miss you.


Do you have a problem, Reg? Can you not make this Scriptures say what you want or are you just as misguided as the Israelites?

The scripture says what it says. The guy was gathering wood on the Sabbath. God ordered that he be stoned to death for this.

Yes, Michele, I have a huge problem with the God of this fictional book called the Bible, who is a crazed vile murderer who justifies his murderous ways through religion. Thankfully he is not real so this is a hypothetical problem, not a practical one.