Beltway Sniper

He is only guilty of murder and probably won’t do it again. Imho, he should be released to live out the rest of his life in whatever peace he can find. Agree?

Stirring the pot?

Following your lead.

You are definitely a follower.

You are definitely a prick. All day every day.

That was very hurtful.

You’re a liar too.

Nope. Not a liar. I just clarified my statement.

Don’t you wish I would just stop being mean to you.

Why would you feel he probably won’t do it again?

Hopefully he’s had time to reflect and recognize the error of his ways. He’s young and possibly a bit immature so I can’t speak with certainty.

I felt like you were being your true self.

That’s right. Does it make you want to go away?

I am here to stay. Regardless of how unpleasant you are.

I have felt the exact same way for more than a year.

I’m sorry you are unhappy.

I’m sorry you take so much pleasure in making me unhappy.

It gives me no pleasure nor do I have any control over your emotions.

It’s all good, Will. I give what I get.

Yes you do.