Beltway Sniper

You also get what you give.

I didn’t start this with you as I recall.

Mommy he started it !

Do you cry often?

Only when I think of you on the lonely prairie with no bidet.

If it’s a money problem you might find a used one on Ebay.

I’m not buying a bidet.

No one is insisting that you do.


You may not be insisting but you are pushing it.

It’s your life.

Wow thanks.


I’ll brb. I want to show you something.

Oh goody.

You better not say another word or even imply something about my hygiene if you want to keep the peace.

Fine. Not another word about your hygiene but it looks like the seat is not centered on then bowl.

Well I do host guests and many of them come celebrating their anniversary. Perhaps the are doing more than addressing their personal hygiene. Not tonight though. Tonight we are hosting Dusty’s ex-wife. :wink: