Australia is having another meltdown

The Aussies are lynching another leader. Malcolm Turnbull is almost certainly out. Some guy named Peter Dutton looks poised to be in. He looks like a funeral director.


Looks like the whole world is going this way.

He very well may be.

Our generation tore down walls. This new generation is building them back up again.

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Well, the Aussies never do what they’re expected to do. Scott Morrison beat Peter Dutton. He’s the new PM. I know nothing at all about him.

EDIT: Less funeral director at least.

Yeah more standard Pol looking. How often do you check your msgs?

Whenever you tell me you’ve left me one. lol.

A real confidence builder you are. First ya cant do shite about the awards, now I have to alert you to pms.

Hitler! Hitler!

We should have a phone exchange sometime before I die.

I’m game. We could make a Zello group and Mark could join. He once suggested Zello to me. Maybe Michele would be in, too, and Dan. Hell maybe Gunda would even come if I promised not to. lol.

I’m in.

Mark? Michele? Dan? Daniel? Gunda?

Haven’t we done that before?

You would have to be sure the group could be locked private otherwise we would get odd users stepping on the transmission and impersonating.

Sounds like a plan.

You left out Martin and that is just too sad.
I’ll have to refuse. I can set up a group with my family first and other people can do the same and test it out. For now I want to suspend all idea possible ideas of alternative communication with everyone here. Too many negatives just come up.

Forming a peer group of any kind means a severe downgrade and brain damage to me and with some persons that risk is even greater. Why would you think communication is possible now? You know its suicide for you, you could have an immediate stroke or seizure.

Don’t worry, Mark! I have no intention of taking part in phase II. I have already judged myself guilty and you have a right to judge me too but I’m not partaking in a slow crucifixion for your entertainment.

Back to Australia. I’m behind. Peter Garret was the frontman for politics to me and that ended somewhere in 2015. That’s the scope of it for me.

Try to keep topic on track, supporter of candidate, incumbent, or policy or not.
That way we can limit the need for chinstrap/chin supporters after alignment from being derailed.
Yes your jaw is a typewriter.