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I am a Jew, inwardly. Romans 2: 28

I posted it that way to protect Him from an unjustified attack.

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Do you wear a necklace made of garlic cloves?

Do you plan on taking my life source?

Bernie Sanders introduced a Medicare for all bill on Wednesday.

Curses! Foiled again.

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I really hope the democrats learn this time. Being Republicans lite will not work. Health care is a right. The whole world is on your side, US Republicans aside.

Really? Says who?

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Says me, obviously. Me and about two thirds of your nation who support universal health care.

I’m amazed anybody is still against it, considering it is cheaper and covers more people.

Then I’ll take it for what it’s worth, obviously!

The trumpsters are not allowed to be for it. They must kiss their fuhrers ass.

…if you Americans some day run out of “behind-kissers” I just want to let you know my readiness to take one for the team. :wink:

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Haha! Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be needed to kiss trumps ass. There’s a line already. However, you can kiss mine.

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This Republican lady is getting slammed by nurses across the country. Nurses are a strong group as far as power goes. Lab medicine does not always get along with them. I do get along with most of them actually, but as a group I do not think nurses and laboratory respect each other. I respect them, though. I also think they should be allowed to have something to eat in their 12.5 hour shifts. Just like I should.

That’s how you stay thin. An enforced mini fast 200 days a year.


Hope your wound is healing.

It could be worse.

Yes, true, it could be so much worse.