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That cat is going to be pretty excited when you get home. Hospital stays over 4 days suck. Amazing that some live in them.

Sounds like you might have one foot out the door.


The cat tolerates me but loves Isa. She won’t care much when I’m back. lol

Back in the hospital. This is the worst stretch of bad health of my life.

Ugh. Sorry to hear it. You’re lucky to have good cheap health care (even if the food sucks).

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Yes, true. Bad health sucks but at least it won’t bankrupt me here.

I’m sorry to hear that. Is it the foot again?

Yes, they thought it might be infected again but some blood tests showed it isn’t. I’m back home already and walking well enough to get around the apartment.

I didn’t eat for three days because I couldn’t walk to the washroom and I will starve to death rather than have my woman wipe my ass. I know, I know, tmi. Get over it. Anyway I can walk a bit now and ordered a beautiful chicken fettuccine carbonara on Uber Eats. Life lesson: after fasting for three days, go easy on the food ordering. Good thing I can walk to the toilet now. lol

You’re gross!

Reg late to post on bbad after finally getting a good meal.

Can you use a cane to get up??

I use some walking sticks I bought when I wanted to do El Camino de Santiago. I failed at that but the sticks finally came in handy.


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No wonder we have problems with affordable health care. It looks too much like our immigration system.

How do you explain Canada having no problems with affordable health care? Or even Colombia which is much poorer?

I don’t know, Reg.
They closed the loophole with a chip in your right hand?
No one can afford to search for a loophole because you all give 49% of your check to a larger government?
I don’t know! But I am certain if I give you enough time you will be more than willing to educate me on the advantages to giving half my wages to the government in exchange for excellent health care. Unfortunately, I give 21% to my government and am forced to purchase my own excellent healthcare. :woman_shrugging:

You buy in to every myth your Republic cult leaders feed you.

What wrong with that? You believe the myth that you created G-d.

G-d? Is it blasphemy to spell out God?

Very faithful people do this! They value him so much, they don’t dare to spell him. This is soo sweet, I like it.
If You love and respect the creator of the universe much, You may do this to express it.
Maybe I should, too…

Mostly Jews do it. I’ve never heard of Christians doing it.