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My foot injury got infected. I am at this moment in a Colombian hospital. I’ll report back how my care was when I’m out of here.

They’re keeping me overnight. First time in my life. Probably not the last.

I’m so sorry. No footsy for you. Too bad we couldn’t play chess.

Glad you are at the hospital.

Thanks. I’ll be fine. Just didn’t want to take a chance because I’m diabetic and untreated infections can result in amputation sometimes.

I hope the oatmeal tomorrow is delicious.

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You did the right thing. Good luck to you.

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Looks like I’m here until Tuesday. I hate this but it’s not the end of the world.

Sorry to hear that. How was the oatmeal?

It was a bun with low fat cheese. How do these Colombians survive? My woman has been a godsend and is smuggling me in some food every day. I will still probably lose some weight which is a bonus.

Do you have tv? Movies? Radio?

Here I am waiting for Mueller report to be released. Supposed to happen today. I expect some abbreviated version.

No TV but they let me play on my phone all day and don’t mind my USB charger so I’m fine. Looking good for going home on Tuesday.

I’m also waiting for Mueller/Barr. Nothing else to do. lol.

My room in this hospital is the size of a small apartment. If only the meals were huge, too. They just brought me lunch which was smaller than the kids meals at most restaurants. My woman is sneaking me in some food. lol.

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Surgery tomorrow. I am scared shitless. I know my fear is irrational but it is still real. I should be fine.

You should be fine. They’ll probably knock you out with some of MIchael Jacksons “milk” and you won’t remember a thing. When I had that stuff it was like I was awake an instant later although some time had passed. Plus they usually give you a sedative of some kind.

How did it go? Do you still have your toes?

That question could come off poorly, as in no bedside manners. One of our techs is applying to PA school and I just can’t picture him treating patients, lol.

lol. It went fine and I’m fine aside from a lot of pain. My bedside manner is about as good as yours.

The spinal anaesthesia was the weirdest, most unpleasant sensation of my life. No feeling at all below the waist. I can’t describe how messed up it is to see your leg in a strange position that you can’t feel at all.

Anyway, I’m happy it’s over. I may have to do it again for a skin graft over the wound. Hopefully just a local for that.

Still not home. One week tomorrow. Depressing. They’re saying I might be released tomorrow afternoon.