I decided to create a thread for interesting architecture. Given how rare that is, here’s hoping I remember it the next time I encounter some.

Interesting. Doesn’t look very practical but it has a beauty to it.

India demolishes beautiful new highrises over environmental concerns. I’m amazed at this. I didn’t think India cared about the environment at all.

They don’t. They obviously have made small strides with environmental pollution issues but it’s not enough that’s not the only thing wrong with that country. They have problems with corruption, illiteracy, education, sanitation, healthcare, poverty, women’s safety, infrastructure, unemployment, agricultural distress and a rise in global protectionism. The only thing that I know of that they have going for them is the large amount of gold they have banked.

I usually love innovative architecture, and I admit this looks great. That said, I just do not see the point to building tall structures in wood. If you really want it to look like wood, build it in concrete and clad it in wood (that can be replaced). I can’t imagine this structure lasting 100 years.

This is interesting. I used to love supertall buildings. I still find them impressive but these days I wonder if they’re not a net negative. They clearly lead to unsustainable density levels. This new mandate by the Chinese government actually seems to make sense to me on first take.

This is interesting. Low huge buildings. Groudscrapers.

I’m torn between loving this and hating houses.

This idea should be quickly and firmly shot down by Trudeau with a reminder of what their country stands for.

“We have a chance to build in Canada and around the world economies that are clean, that are growing, that are forward-looking,” the 45-year-old Trudeau said. “We will not let that opportunity pass us by.”
—Justin Trudeau

I like this post. A four year old article about Trudeau talking about climate change in the Architecture topic. Amusingly out of place several different ways.

I guess OANN didn’t have any screaming conspiracies to talk about today.

There is a liberal supply of conspiracies within the Democratic Party.

Biden admin. and DHS deploy mobile app to help illegals cross into U.S.
Conspiracy to manipulate the vote.
Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom refuses to give up pandemic emergency powers
Conspiracy to depopulate California.
N.Y. taxpayers paying Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $2.5M legal fees
Conspiracy to rob the American people of their wealth.

What is even more amusing is how you just totally eluded the dirty subject of pollution.

Much like the way you avoid the deficit and national debt you were so concerned about during the Trump administration.

Stephen Moore: Biden’s $6T spending plan a danger to economy


Absolutely, but I have 15 min to kill so I am going to look.

From the lunatic conspiracy OANN site: “The app uses facial recognition to verify each individual by pulling from a database of nearly 70,000 immigrants. If the app shows that a case is open, an organization will have the ability to arrange for the migrant to get a COVID-19 test, obtain travel to a port of entry and request permission from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to enter the U.S.”

Even by this lunatic RWNJ site’s reporting, this makes good sense. They aren’t illegal if they enter at a port of entry and request permission to enter.

I can’t even find this one, although it amused me. Depopulating California might not be a bad idea, anyway.

Ok, I’m bored now. Skipping the others.

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Why? Can’t you find some lowly baggage handler to look for you?

Since when do they need permission?
These photos have been uploaded from the Remain in Mexico program which has been officially terminated by the Biden administration on Tuesday. Facial recognition technology has been reported to have faulty accuracy and the reliability varies on the individual’s race, birthdate, and other characteristics.

You could have spared me and skipped the entire thing.

The only certainties in life are death and taxes…

This is an interesting case. NYC built a tourist attraction, about 150’ tall. People are using it to suicide. Now it’s under huge pressure to put up suicide barriers, which would make it feel like a prison. My inclination would be to let people jump but I have always been pro-right-to-die.