Interesting article, Reg.

“The Vessel is like some MC Escher nightmare,” he said, referring to the famed graphic artist known for his staircases to nowhere. “It’s kind of relentless. It’s very gaudy, it’s very cold. It’s thrilling … It’s not the most friendly and life-affirming and inclusive kind of space or structure. It’s kind of empty. What’s the point of it? Just to walk up and walk down?”

If they want to breath new life into the Vessel they should place mirrors under the nets.

Easily the weirdest skyscraper project I have ever seen proposed. The Mirror Line will be two skyscrapers, each taller than the Empire State Building, and each running 120 km (75 miles) in length (no typo). They will house 5 million people, and will include a vertical farm and a stadium.

It is unique.

This guy won an award of some kind. I find his work totally uninspired and often ugly.

I can see why. I Googled and noticed right away that his buildings are modern looking. No character.