Animals and Reptiles

eww . . . cold blooded

Cool make out session with scorpions.

Animals are so smart. Amazing to watch the interactions.

Do you mean like lithium ion battery? Yeah I can understand how that laziness might affect you as well.

Can you understand how words affect you?

I’d prefer not to, they would have less power being used against me. Same with weapons.

You prefer not to understand how words affect you?
This is a good thing to know. That tells me you have no breaking point so I should be able to tell you anything about yourself, true or not, and you will feel no stress or tention.

This giraffe was given life and did the same. I suppose the tick and other creepy crawlies are nature’s answer when life gets too hard. I suppose ice cream would have been easier.

At least it wasn’t a violent death and it became more feared than any predator.

Ticks are amazing. I thought they would be drowned in the water but they can hold their breath up to a week. mites do well too. Sadly they make albatrosses abandon their eggs. Just too draining. An albatross can have a large egg.

Geese have some terrible mouths/beaks. I wouldn’t ever take it lightly getting pecked by one, thinking that it could do little damage to a hot dog bun. Maybe you don’t use bing search but check out some of these images of the beak and tongue, both upper and lower are serrated as well as the tongue. I don’t think those are even teeth but papillae.

Birds have the some weird tongues. Woodpeckers have tongues 1/3 bodylength and 3 times beak length. The tongue coils up and over the entire skull and behind one eye.

I looked at the pictures in your link. Those are some nasty looking beaks. I’m no authority on geese but I think Will is. I thought I read somewhere that he has geese in his back yard or somewhere. I bet he can teach you all that you need to know about geese beaks. Good luck with that, Mark.

Wild Turkeys

Geese/Turkey. All the same to me.

naww, trump is on a wild goose chase to remain president and joe biden will eat turkey tonight

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Trump will dine on crow.

I haven’t broke my fast this morning.

Lucky crow!

try to eat some breakfast, dear
or you might pass out

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Took over 2 decades but I think I finally tracked Glacius’s origins. Stopping the adult stage for breeding seemed to be the key.

This starts right where it makes sense.

This flyhead mod kind of gives it away.

And in the end its the lucifer elements of the character that reveal the cave.