It gives me no pleasure to discuss this. Hahahahahahaahhaha!

I had to google. Groan.

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I have noticed. Good cut Swordsman Will.

So have you hit your wife already Reggie?

No, Mark, I have never hit her, and if you keep being an idiot, I will (at the very least) block you. I know you’re not mentally stable and I cut you a lot of slack for that, but stay the hell away from my family.

No need you are more than 100 pounds of unhealthy body waste. Money or friendship you offer isn’t worth that burden.

You are too unhealthy body mass. Your mind is infected.

You need to do something about that weight. I know how you are planning to redistribute it. I’m not an option.

Fine. I just don’t think somebody should hit people like they are television sets. What you do to your family is your business, just don’t confuse people or try to substitute them.

I thought it was something related to severe headache issues.

Why are you slandering the presidents family and calling his ex wives prostitutes? You insult a lot of people online. They might get upset with you.
Also what happened to your head? Are you bringing down some punishment or curse on me too? It feels like you are hiding in me because you can’t take the pain of that bubble look.

This is actually a fair point. My answer is twofold. First, I am not accusing them of anything they haven’t done (which you did to me), and second, they are public figures who chose their public life. If you choose a public life, you need to accept that people will have and express often-insulting opinions about you. My woman is very private, deleted her FB and doesn’t even come to BBad. You insult me endlessly and I do nothing. I think it’s reasonable to ask you to leave my woman and my family out of your insults.

Beyond this, I want to make clear that blocking you would not impede your access to BBAD. I just wouldn’t see your posts. Everyone else would see what you typed. You have the right to come here and post but you don’t have the right to have me read your posts.

EDITED to add: I called Trump’s current wife a prostitute, not his ex wives, although that probably also applies.

You gave a number I might have misinterpreted.

My apologies, not concerned about your family but you have to realize I cannot lose any weight for them they need to lose for themselves or I will not be any fitness or diet regimen gain or benefit. My body is respected or don’t even try to wish off health conditions on me. You will get the opposite and worst results.

Apology accepted. Thank you.

I do not accept that you can’t lose weight. Your obesity is a choice. A difficult choice but still a choice. You choose to eat trash (you used to post it and I thank you for not doing that anymore as it made me want to hurl) and you do not exercise to speak of anymore, at least as of the last time we spoke. If you changed those things, you would not be fat. You need to lose well over 140 lbs if you are still about 320 lb. That won’t be easy but it’s possible if you make major lifestyle changes. It will probably take two or more years but then you will probably have another 30 years of normal weight ahead of you which is easily worth the effort in my opinion.

Muscular body weights over 300 exist

No I have been exercising a TON.

Great, Mark. Then all you need to do is start controlling your intake.

Why are you impotent? Why is your leg being cut off?

Your goal should be to be more like me. Incredibly dense at the core and with a very strong rock hard erection. A very hard dense body that produces phenomenally powerful pressure and steel solid erections.

You are not densely muscled and you are not rock solid.

You are impotent and soft and weigh under 200 pounds. You have no idea how I train or what women actually think about me.