Raises minimum wage to $15/hr.

Bernie. Still kickin ass.


Bernie would make an amazing president, even at 80.


I heard Biden might run.


I hope not. The US needs radical change after Trump. Drastic, socialist, tax-the-rich, feed-the-poor, free-education and free-medical-care-for-everyone change. About half your country agrees with me and the other half thinks their lives will end if society chips in and pays for some kid’s cancer treatment.


I agree. I’m glad Pressley won Massachusetts.


I pay 14.99 a month for prime I think. Now I might add the charge to my phone plan instead as there was a change with the carrier. I just ordered some stuff this month and watched stuff on prime video.


Prime is amazing. I still remember when it came out, I thought “that’s a stupid idea”. Now I can’t live without it. lol.


I just got several packages this week. I was going to start a new shaving thread but damn I sliced myself up with one of my new razors It will have to wait, besides all my stuff didn’t come in yet. Don’t buy a straight razor.


lol. No danger of that. I even manage to cut myself with disposables now and then. Hope you heal faster than I do. Diabetes doesn’t affect my life much but it sure affects healing speed.


To think about it maybe it would be the best thing for you. I saw that neck of yours and it could really use some trimming. Anyways I’m trying to seal a slice up on my face.


Oregano oil, burns a little like noxious fumes but healing begins within 2 hours.