I don’t understand why people pay for a service they can get for free or do for themselves. Before the advent of the internet, maybe people did need unions to get the wages they desired and maybe they needed someone to fight for them in a dispute. With access to the internet, an employee has all the power of the union. I mean, what can unions do that having access to the internet can’t do? Businesses don’t want their company cast in a bad light and most are aware a bad review can go viral quickly. IMO, in today’s society, unions are nothing more than a drain on the wallet.

I totally agree. They are in alabama so goes hand and hand. That vote would have passed here.

According to the Trump Administration, Amazon pays no taxes. That wasn’t a problem for anyone then. I don’t know why it’s a bigger problem now.

This seems a little strange to me. Shouldn’t they pay in to the country of origin or wherever their headquarters are?

What did they vote against that they can’t accomplish on their own? How is it voting against a persons own self interest? I did read thinki’s list, not understanding at all.

The money a person spends on union fees over a lifetime at a company would pay for a personal lawyer several times over. How many disputes do you think a person is going to have with a company or many times do you think a person would need to retain an attorney during that time? If it’s more than once, you probably shouldn’t be with that company.

Don’t be silly, Michele. Nobody here that I know of agrees with Amazon paying no taxes except you. You’re the one that supported the obese orange idiot’s tax cut for billionaires. Trump talked about Bezos not paying enough and then cut his taxes.


Where did you get that idea?

That’s not true at all, Lefty. I supported a tax cut for Americans. The fact that billionaires are Americans is irrelevant. All Americans were entitled to that tax cut.

Tax loopholes. Trump confessed to using the tax laws to his own advantage. The issue lies in closing those loopholes. An act for Congress.

Michele will excuse anything the orange asshole does. Anything.

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I took these to a Target to recycle as they are not supposed to be a placed in curbside recycle bins. Not every store has these cardboard kiosks and this one was packed with cheap bags that looked like used diapers.

Supposedly every Target should have these and accept them but they don’t. Maybe due to COVID-19. A few other stores like some supermarkets accept them as well. The recycling program needs a kick to get started again.
And more drop offs for these bubble wrap plastic film.

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Good that you tried to do this correctly. Most people just throw it in one or another of the nearby recycling bins without realizing that the recyclers just throw it out.

I think we are getting an Amazon building here. It is supposed to give our population of 25000 an extra 5.4 million annually in taxes.

This is a rare case where I totally support Amazon. Clean fingernails and normal levels of body odour are absolutely legitimate requirements for an employee.

I actually agree with this too. With Airbnb I have to follow certain guidelines to use their platform. It may be an inconvenience but it takes the guesswork out of what is needed to have a successful business.

Looks like the Amazon vote passed yesterday. We are getting a massive amazon warehouse.

nice… time to buy some icecream? :wink:

What a hateful thing to do.

The NAACP also demanded that RC Anderson devise and implement an effective plan for cultural and diversity awareness among workers at the site.
I like the way they just assume those nooses were for black people. It’s a racist view to assume a white person put them out. Calling them out for it would be labeled racist though.


I agree with this. I’d bet far more white people have hung from nooses than black.