I’ve picked 2 houses for Airbnb, targeting Winstar players.

Do any of you smart guys know me well enough to know which 2 homes I chose?


I think you picked those two large empty fields to serve as campgrounds for the caravan.


I think it’s interesting how you can be both clever and unrealistic at the same time.


I don’t have any guess as to which you chose but what’s a Winstar player? Is that a sports team? And if so, isn’t that a very small market?

PS: I envy your prices. I can’t imagine losing money at those prices.


They are gamblers and I was rejected for the loan because it’s over valued on underdeveloped land making the risk too high.


I have been set up with a new banker who I will see Monday. I’ve done the math. This house is within walking distance and one of only 6 homes directly behind Winstar.

The second house was simliar but 10 minutes from Winstar so I nixed it.

I do wonder if I was rejected because I went to the bank alone.


It’s a gift.


It’s hair-raising! (Pun intended)


It is! Also the hair has good fertilizer.


How incredibly insightful! Perhaps you should buy, fertilize and let that caravan march across your land.


I live much too far away for them to come here.


However, Oklahoma is wide open. Plenty of room with only a hut scattered here and there.


Of course! And a gun behind every tree! Welcome to Oklahoma!


Don’t be shy Michele.


Don’t start with me!


Isn’t that why we’re here?


I certainly don’t come here for your bullshit.


You certainly respond to it. Like a fish rising to bait.




Bye (last word)