I thought I was being nice.

I googled Winstar. That’s a hotel-casino. Wouldn’t most players stay at the hotel/inn? Their prices are only $89/night.

The caravan is staying at the casino.

I thought they were camping at Micheles.

13000 are going to Michele’s. The other 1000 are headed to the casino. They are going to need a drink.

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So will Michele.

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You’re quoting prices for rooms in Gainesville. And yes, most people want a room near the Casino. But most people also want to be treated like royalty with the comforts of home.
There are only 3 hotels near Winstar. The Casino Hotel rates are from 99 and up on weekdays. On weekends the rates start at 189 and go to 429. The other 2 hotels start at 160. Airbnb is always less expensive so my rates will be between 99 and 169 for standard rooms and 169 to 400 for the master. Regardless what I charge, I only need to fill the rooms 8 days a month to cover the expenses. The weekends will more than cover that.
Airbnb is still very new but people do seem to gravitate toward it. People like the privacy it offers and many like the small circle of guests it allows them to mingle with over a glass of wine.

How would you market it?

Friday night I booked a group of 6 so I went to Kansas to see my new gbaby.
The group was Mexican. I just want people to know I’m not being racist towards Mexicans.

Their stay was less than pleasant but it looks like they had a great time. Now I need to write a review and I don’t wanna do it.

It is not racist towards any group to note that a set of individuals in that group behaved badly.

It would be racist if you said, “because of that event, I will no longer rent to Mexicans”, but you didn’t say that or anything similar so I don’t consider your comments or reaction racist.

No I’m not going to say that. I’m going to do the socialist thing and raise my price to an unaffordable amount for the average Mexican. Now you can call me racist.

You can write a review of the guests and just not use the word “Mexican.” Seems like it should be easy to do.

Will you charge everyone of all races the new price?


Then I’m fine with it, myself.

The only people that would get a different price are people that put forth the effort, text and ask if I will negotiate. I usually try to find a way to accommodate them. Not everyone agrees. I’m not worriedaboutit.

You bargain the price?

Many AirBnB people do in my experience.

Ah. I told the last lady that wanted to bargain something I was selling to fuck off. Of course, the price had already been agreed upon.

Do you pay up front obviously? What if the house is a disaster when you get there?