Aging Sucks

I threw out my back yesterday and am now limping around like a hundred year old man. Aging sucks. This will probably last 2 weeks since I don’t heal quickly. This isn’t really a topic. Just venting.

Don’t vent.
Get your brown ass to the gym! Did help me, too!

Du hast recht. Not for a few weeks, though. Need to get over this.

A sports medic gave me some advise on which exercises to make at the gym and this actually worked wonders. I feel like 10 years younger. Could help you, too.
Now, I just need to go from 120kg to 110kg and I am fine again.

I am 90 kilos and would like to be 80. You should post these exercises in a few weeks. I’m quite interested.

I don’t know of exercises to get rid of the weight, just to get rid of the specific pains I had. I just love to eat and should do overeat less in the evenings.

Sorry to hear! Let me be the first to congratulate you on a job well done. lol

I was shaving. Nothing is safe at 53.

How does one receive a back injury from :joy:shaving?

Exactly what were you shaving?

Just wait till you hit the 70’s. By the way I have found that once you throw out your back, that area is more likely to be injured again. GL

You are all so helpful. lol. I just walked to lunch with only minor agony so I think it’s improving. At least I want to think that.

menthol and stretching so you don’t get a muscle spasm.

Can’t get those without muscles.

Just answer “ham”.

I agree! Menthol and stretching! But not too far at your age.

No more “shaving” till you’re back is better.

lol. Horrible people, all of you.

We’re here for you Reg.

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Nothing like a good strong back spasm, right Will? You may need to see a Chiropractor. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Anything at all. Get well soon, Reg! :bouquet::email:

And no more Travolta on a wet floor. :man_dancing: