Aging Sucks

Oh yeah. Nothing like a really good one.

I believe, due to the response, that this deserves to be recognized as an official “topic”.

I like it! Reg could write a book. 101 ways to die while :joy:“shaving”

How to win a fight with a razor.


“How I had a heart attack while really “shaving” hard”.

“A close shave”

Reg must have been in a lather.

Was he using the strop somehow? People want to know.

Do not go Gillette into that good night.

Shook by a Shick!

Is “The Dollar Shave Club” really worth it?


1001 shaving positions.

Leviticus 19: 27 Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards.

EDIT: The post this was replying to has been deleted, presumably by the original poster as I didn’t delete it.

Old farts.

Ah shit, I turned 30 this year. Ah shit I’m getting old. Ah shit…

It gets worse, Chappy. Much worse. Ever helpful.

I feel pretty good right now. Not great but pretty good. Don’t think I’m build for freezing temps, but other than that, not bad.

You said it. I’m probably the oldest fart in here.

Saw this and thought of this thread. lol.