You shouldn’t interprete so much, cause you usually do it wrongly. Simply read what I wrote and not what I didn’t. With no word I said, that Columbia provides anything I wrote. That‘s why I said „as long as“.

And as long as the state doesn‘t provide what‘s needed to not punish women for getting children, as long I support legal abortion.

You are very irritating, Gunda. BTW, it’s Colombia, not Columbia.

Don‘t blame me if you interprete things which aren‘t there.


Texas is becoming more blue. Seems like a lot of outrage. Maybe it will change at the state level eventually. I’m not as passionate about it as some. I’d be against it if more people cared about strangers. If we had a socialist society, I’d probably be against it. Ironically.

I think abortion is ugly and sad. I just think the consequences of unwanted pregnancies, almost always among the poorest, are even worse.

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Republicans do best when the electorate is satisfied and quiet; they face disaster when the electorate is mobilized and angry. Texas Republicans have just bet their political future in a rapidly diversifying and urbanizing state on a gambit: cultural reaction plus voter suppression.

from some magazine
i sure don’t make complete sentences

Abortion is regressing to 1950s levels, with full bans all over the world. While a few South American countries (Chile and Argentina) are making it more accessible, states all over the US and EU are banning it. To be clear, I don’t know that this is a bad thing. I am very torn on this topic.

in europe only andorra, liechtenstein, malta, monaco and poland are left with highly restrictive abortion laws

True, but the Poland abortion ban is almost new, enacted in January. Things are far worse today than they were a few years ago for abortion. Or better depending on which side you’re on.

I don’t know why you are torn. Your own post confirms your true view on abortion.