Crazy. The company I’m signed under uses this so much. I haven’t signed up to it despite numerous emails from the bosses telling me to do so lol

Yes, my ham group in Vancouver uses it a lot, too. Not sure if I care that much but I don’t like it.

Here’s an example of some guy getting “Zoom Bombed” as he presented his doctoral thesis. Someone came on and started posting racial slurs and porn.

My wife is using zoom to teach. One of her coteachers was bombed with porn. They are going to continue using it. Seems more pros than cons.

That makes sense to me. Honestly, it’s just not that upsetting to me if someone comes into a public meeting and says rude things until a moderator bans him. No worse than the occasional spam here.

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Looks like they are suing the wrong person.

Totally. Ridiculous. It’s not Zoom’s fault someone did this. If you hold a public meeting, the public can and do attend and not all of them will behave. If you don’t like it, make your meetings private.

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