Zoom into Cori's eyebrows behind a niqab on hadj in mecca

…while standing on mount Zion in Palestine…
Think again!

Finally available in Sept 2018 (…but the price sucks!)

I loved the idea of superzooms until I bought one and found it I almost never used it.

I played with the idea for awhile then talked to my brother who knows photography. You can buy a huge lens reasonably priced but it will be crappy. You really do have to shell out the big bucks for the real deal.

She looks like she put on some weight. Is she still bodybuilding and doing a bulk?

I’m sure she knows the other end of the specturm and how unhealthy a sustained very low bodyweight and fluid level can be to the system.

Do you think Reggie’s weight and fat comments towards me would hurt her if she read them or she could just giggle and agree? Agree of course with Reggie because he is wise and knows good nutrition and optimal health and is very self disciplined and nothing is super easy for him…oh and let’s not forget he would never hurt her or say things like that to her because he knows she is the same way.

Oh boy, I like it when it jiggles and wabbles all around when it comes to women. But I got to restrain my fleshly way of thinking here

She has gained a few pounds. She’s not really fat but she looked far better when we were together.

She was always super rational about weight. She never took fat/thin comments personally. Bodybuilders really can’t. You can’t fix something if you’re going to be a drama queen observing it so she never was a drama queen about weight observations. Her new Islamic faith may affect her ability to train, too, but I’m not sure. We’re not close these days, although we still occasionally email.

She is in Pakistan right now. Her last email made clear that she has no regrets about the life choices she’s made recently.

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Do you have trouble reading the emails…and if so please be specific about what the trouble is?

If you have no trouble at all reading the emails or responding how do you go forward with zero effort reading/writing?

No trouble at all, Mark. Cori’s English, both written and spoken, is excellent.