World Buildings

Fascinating evolution, including what’s coming up.

This is interesting. It appears that the Jeddah Tower and the Dubai Creek Tower are dead in the water. The Burj Khalifa may hold the title of world’s tallest building for many years to come.

Now with Covid, with oil prices down, and with China banning super-tall skyscrapers, it’s looking like the Burj Khalifa is even safer. It should remain the tallest building in the world for many years.

They have a lower bodyweight on average than countries like the U.S. I wonder what the scaffolding looked like and what was it’s capacity.

The odds of the scaffolding being made from bamboo are higher.

This kid is just doing it for a thrill. That’s crazy dangerous. Bamboo scaffolding

Hong Kong is famous not just for building but for scaffolding. Bamboo scaffolding.

I remember the scenes in Rush Hour 2

I remember this line in particular. Jackie Chan to Chris Tucker “Don’t worry, Chinese Bamboo is very strong!”

Oh, my mistake. I read it wrong. I thought it was the last Chinese skyscraper.

Have you ever been on scaffolding Reggie? I have. It feels unfair to the other guy when you are overweight and so is he. Actually I felt like a wrestling tag team, with nail guns.

I have, Mark. And most people in the US are overweight. It’s one reason my money is on China to win in the end. Once people have lost their self respect, it’s only a short time before nobody else respects them either.

Bench? Squat? Deadlift?
Numbers please.

You could be right about lighter weight fighters and buildings.

Yeah buildings really add to scenes.
In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
John 14: 2

Every room is a mansion :heart_eyes:

Jeddah Tower is totally dead. It has been abandoned.

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We need less space than we used to, it seems.

I don’t think that’s it. These skyscrapers are a giant dick-measuring contest, not a solution to a real problem. Super tall skyscrapers make sense in NYC, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other super-dense cities where building horizontally isn’t an option. In places like Jeddah and Dubai, building super-tall makes no economic or architectural sense at all and is done solely to impress others. This actually worked on me for a long time, but the appeal is gone for me now. I don’t care at all for these big towers anymore, although I remain interested in their fate, especially when they fail.

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Definitely 2 different things. We need less space, but at no time did I ever thing anyone would work/live up there.

That actually doesn’t sound unpleasant to me at all. It’s how humans will live if/when we colonize other planets.