Necessary but boring. I sure wish you would come out here and workout with me, Dusty.

Dusty probably gets plenty of workout at work.

It’s good to work out. It’s healthy and makes you feel better. Weight loss is 95% food however. If people want to lose weight they should sit around, not work out and starve.

That’s my workout. Two small meals a day. Michelle should send us a picture of her butt so we can advise her on a plan.

Haha! That was a small self-serving sacrifice for marital peace, right?

Would you like breakfast? I’ll cook since you cooked last night.

Come on, Baby! Making fudge is not going to burn calories. Looks yummy :yum:but I can feel the heartburn just watching you cook it.

There’s not even one piece of fudge left. (I was a good girl and only checked to make sure it was fitting for our guests because I’m a good wife that way):eyes: Stop rolling your eyes. I am!
Dusty is such a good cook. He bbq’d ribs yesterday for family and they devoured everything. In 30 years, Dusty has never burned anything, ever! :yum:
Come workout with me. We can cycle together.

I’m making some progress on the weight I want to lose. I still want to be 176 lbs by year end so I have about 10 pounds to go. I am eating a lot of salmon these days, steamed, with fruit and vegetables and a bit of potato, never rice or bread. The nice thing is how filling I find it. I don’t tend to be hungry later and not eating at night is key to losing weight.

I will post more if I succeed, and will ignore this thread if I don’t.

Every time you post about your weight, you have 10 lbs to lose.
My apologies for giggling about it. I know you’re trying.

lol, true, and will likely be true until I die as I tend to relax and gain back the 10 lb whenever I lose it.

Weight loss is not 95% food. It is let off as sweat, heat, and fecal matter.

Why do you keep giving people the hard line on this one?

So what if you lose fat Reggie you still have ugly and impotent as gravitas points. Not to mention stinky and unhealthy.

Mark, your bumping this thread reminded me of this.

I failed. Still trying.

Wasting away 10 pounds of muscle or vital organs just makes you a higher percentage bag of fat. Are you going to eliminate waste and maybe recomposition yourself? Do you even have 10 pounds of muscle?

Is this all just to fit in some prosthetic?