“Microsoft is also working on improving its tablet mode experience, particularly how devices like the company’s Surface line switch between mouse / trackpad usage and and touch-based interactions.”

“Don’t forget, Microsoft has been making these promises for 10 years. They are obviously all talk and no action. If Bill Gates has any say, it will take 10 more.

All talk and no action? Microsoft totally dominates desktop computing, with almot 90% market share.

Working on an Office Cert. I just finished the first unit of the course.

Oh I’m not arguing that point. Anymore shares and Microsoft will corner the market.
I was talking about this the visual rejuvenation and Microsoft’s renewed focus. I was also thinking out loud about how long it would take Bill Gates to trace and depopulate the world through Windows if he joined in on the project.

The new Windows is coming out in 2 more days. I hate it so far but whatever, I know better than to not switch to it. That never lasts.

I watched the video. It doesn’t seem like much has changed so why do you need to switch?

Good question, actually. I switch because I have learned over the last three decades of my Windows use (it was exactly 1991 when I bought my first Windows 3.0 machine) that if you don’t upgrade, slowly but surely stuff will stop working. I just circumvent that by upgrading. I very rarely have problems. Windows just works for me.

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Satya Nadella explaining his vision. I find this extremely compelling.

“welcoming all apps and a focus on openness” lol

They always make it sound life changing when in reality they tweak the start button and call it innovation. I do look forward to seeing what changes are made and what stays the same but I doubt it will be so drastic a change I or anyone else will notice a significant difference.

Eventually they make you upgrade. They always do.

I just got windows 10 on my work computer. I don’t even like 10 lol.

Only if your old computer quits and you think you need a new one.

I didn’t want to stop windows 7 but they stopped supporting it.

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Sure but they could have waited a year or longer to introduce 7. Maybe there would have been significant and even memorable changes.

Windows running Android apps seems pretty significant to me.

Im sure it is to an Android user.

not really since there have been programs around for many years that let you do that already

Yeah I know but we were talking about Windows. It’s new to Windows and a significant change for Android users. I doubt I’ll recognize any change though.