Gulp! That’s so…so…touching. You should talk to the rest of the world like this. It becomes you. The whole world loves a good public display of passion for Australia’s lush greenery and you clearly haven’t ever rolled around on Aussie land.

i think choosing a scapegoat is cowardly
we are all responsible for our own (non)actions

Some amazing before/after photos of Aussie towns affected by the wildfires. You can move the little lines in the middle to see the before/after more completely.

Trees with green tops still standing after a fire? @Sarsfield image

Pray to god these creatures hadn’t been “dual citizens” or else… Your nation would be made to mourn 'em for the next 1000 years or so for this “greek consumption in flames”…just like they did it with the Germans, remember?

sorry, I am in a nihilistic joking mood. Sorry. This Nietzsche is hitting hard on me.

An Australian friend of mine (bible observing conservative christian) confirmed to me my theory of homosexual sins and loss of biblical moral may have caused these Armageddon like fires. Bowl number 4 is being spilled out over the sun by god according to revelation…
I illustrated the theory in another topic:

Why Australia and not EU? I don’t know…but we’ll receive our bowl of wrath pretty soon, I guess…

Take this, you carbon copy lunatics!

Anyone still wondering about the fires and intense sun burn now? I guess we found a possible reason and sufficient proof…Case closed for me.

I’d advocate to ban gay marriage, homo parades and nudity as a first step and encourage parochial schooling and homeschooling as second step to soothen god’s wrath upon us and hence to combat the pouring out of more bowls of wrath by god as described in revelation.

True! And very interesting. Good eye. I guess the flames didn’t go high in that area. The ground is clearly devastated with all low-lying foliage destroyed.

Every time there’s a disaster, lunatic fringe Christians blame fudge packing.

I actually agree with banning homo parades, although I’d ban all parades including the Irish St. Patrick’s parade and the various sports parades, too. Ban nudity where? You’d force people to wear clothes while sleeping?


You could at least wear a shirt to combat god’s wrath and global warming


Because we have read the plot of the story. We MUST know…

Well, at least when you are parading through town…
Damn, this isn’t so hard to understand or is it.
Don’t we have common denominators anymore in this world, a common sense?

Yeah, public nudity isn’t a big issue here. It’s usually pretty nasty, too.

the common denominator in this world is greed

It’s way too cold for public nutidy here, but it is going to be 15C here this weekend. Lots of melting. The high on sunday is 16C and the low is -10C. That’s quite a freeze.

That’s a 50 degree F drop in less than 24 hours for the Americans.

brrr chilly… still nice since you probably get a big pack of snow? i havent seen snow in years

Not supposed to get any snow with it actually. Probably icy roads. We’ve gotten around 80 cms of snow this year, but I bet only 5 cms in my yard now. After this weekend it will probably be green. If that’s what you’d call my grass ;). I do not like the snow. I drive in it all the time. It’s not great for your car for a lot of reasons. We get most of our snow in February. It’s usually too cold to snow in January but I’m not sure what’s up with the weather here.

I see you have personally converted to the metric system Dan. How long ago?

as i said there could be some dutch in everyone… apparently there is in him lol