Makes me wonder about Pete. Anyone ever hear from him?

I haven’t heard from him for ages. Unless he’s moved he’s in Perth, however, which is very far from these fires. I think Julie’s in Sydney so she’ll be fine, too. Not sure about Kim who also hasn’t been here for years. She was in Mollymook which is closer but still not that close to this fire.

Yeal Stone has decided to give up her green card and go home to fight climate change because of the bushfires.

“‘I’m going to be here in Australia, doing the work I can to make a difference here, because the time is now. Like I said, this is war and we’ve only got ten years, so let’s make these sacrifices, let’s make these changes.’
She added: 'This is just the beginning for me.”

CNN reported 24 people being arrested for deliberately setting fires. I’m so confused by the two conflicting liberal media stories, I need one of those emojis that pulls hair from side to side.

The two stories are not in conflict, Michele. Climate change created conditions wherein the Australian forests in question were dry and highly susceptible to fire. When forests are wet, lush and green, they don’t tend to burn quickly.

Hi guys,
We have a fossil of a dumbass Prime minister, who, not long ago walked into parliament with a piece of coal kissing its ass. Being a religious man, if there is any justice, his God is now punishing this evil twat of a man. Australia’s stance on climate change is shameful and a policy of denial and deflection now rules.
I have driven through the ravaged areas and Armageddon has arrived. May the devil roast the government in hell and may Scott Morrison be at the top of the goddamn pile.

Why in Hell (almost literally in this case) would you drive through that?

We drove 11 hours north for a family get together for new year and we diverted due to roadworks from Grafton through Casino to Lismore and back to the Pacific Highway.
It was still, no birds, no animals, no noise, an eerie silence with mile after mile of bare ground, brown burnt trees with blackened trunks. 500 million native creatures have perished. We saw the odd cattle, bony and hungry because of the fires and years of drought.
I love this country but it is being destroyed by climate change, thanks to Australian, Brazilian and US policy, this will be the future.

Are you personally ok? Your own property and your family, are they directly affected?

As far as policy goes, it’s just shameful. The US was doing so well under Obama. They were among the most successful nations in reducing emissions. Trump has dismantled the EPA and has drastically reduced regulation on polluters. This has done nothing at all for jobs but will make for a filthier planet.

As far as Australian policy goes…there’s not much to say.

you could say they need to stop spending millions on military and firework shows and prevent this from happening (or at least on this scale) each year?

You could say that. Or you could say that Trump should kill himself. I know which wording I’d choose.

I live 10 mins from the city centre, it’s smoky and the air is filthy some days, but that is nothing to the hell in some areas.
I was in a beautiful town in Victoria 6 months ago running training at a local hospital, the town has now been destroyed …
My family is north of Byron Bay which has been spared, the hell we drove through was inland.

trump is just 1 clown… i think its never a few clowns that are the problem but always the majority that remains apathic

Small blessings. Fingers crossed for you and yours. Morrison shouldn’t last long after this, I wouldn’t think. You Aussies eat prime ministers for sport and the last five or so have been booted for far less.

The TV channels, media, the Australian government and any twat who has influence are owned by the mining companies.
Australia is to climate change as the US is to gun reform …
Apologies for profanity, I am expressing pure anger at the future I am leaving my grandchildren

take good care and keep breathing, grizzlyrose;)

Yeah grizzly and dangerous these days

She’s got some serious resolve doing that. I am not that strong.

Profanity is encouraged here.

Do your bit to bring about change if you can, Julie. I believe you will. I am less confident in Australians, though. It seems even this carnage hasn’t moved many in power.

Or you can just keep speaking death over life and maybe Trump will set the world on fire with his stupid mouth.

Apathic emotion begets apathic emotion. Both can and should be blamed on Trump. He’s the biggest boy in the country. Capable of carrying the world on his back while being repeatedly stabbed for not comforting to the will of the psychos of the world.