Why Iran? (and not Pakistan)

Why does the secular state of Israel and its bully, the US, have so enormous problems with Iran all the time?

Given the fact, that:

  • Iran has been more lenient/relaxed on the Israel issue and generally more cooperative under Rohani rule and the Obama backed treaty than ever.
  • Iran is one of the muslim country with a significant/ one of the highest percentage of jews inhabitating
  • Pakistan is a nuclear capable nation that is islamic. They are sunni IMHO whereas Iran is shia. But they are pretty fundamentalist. Wouldn’t you fear an emotional reaction (e.g. of an incident or an atrocity in Palestine/Gaza) of politically and economically unstable Pakistan much more than of lenient, pretty stable, yet corrupt Iran?

Any opinions?
I can only think of Iran as a nation being more autarc and thus less dependant on US policies and also Iran having natural ressources.
Or do you think, the secular state of Israel might invade Iran some day?

Simple, really. Israel feels threatened by Iran and ordered its colony to deal with it.

It used to be that an antisemite was someone who hated Jews. These days, an antisemite is someone who Jews hate.

Certainly an explanation.
How profane that would be. No secret hard-core Bilderberger conspiracy theory coming into existance double bluff due to NWO orders.

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