I am seriously thinking of throwing my job in and moving to this place late next year
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I would if I were you. Where is it? Never mind, I googled it.

Good fishing I bet. Sailing, skydiving, drinking. What’s not to like?

Looks boring but beautiful. I’m assuming you’ve been there a few times?

Yeah a few times, it attacts the tourists from overseas so not as boring as some places.

I know I’m a city boy and I have trouble understanding the whole rural lifestyle thing, but wouldn’t you go nuts from boredom?

It’s on the reef and gets about 250,000 international tourists annually plus domestic so it has a few things going on. Airlie beach is pretty busy, I can think of worse places in Aussie. Plus I like the water and the warmth

Oh wow. That’s totally different. Looks amazing in that case.

Sorry had to edit there kept getting the figures messed up

Either number is good enough for a healthy vibe. It looks like a sleepy beach town from the pic.

Its all good, plus houses are a fraction of Sydney. Put something in the pot for a couple of years overseas travel at least. I am soooo ready to give work a break.

Well for whatever it’s worth, I can tell you that selling the company, f’ing off to the Andes and doing nothing for a few years might well have saved my life. Best thing I ever did.

Good on you, I would have lost money on you doing that. It paid off and you definitely did the right thing.
For all my intentions, there is a fear of stopping working. If I can overcome that, I’ll make the move. Will probably spend a couple of weeks up there next year, get a better feel for the place.

Then think about renting just to make sure. I never used to be this cautious, not sure if it’s old age or I’m not just thinking of myself these days, possibly both.

I am a huge fan of renting first. I would never buy in a new city without renting for a year first. You don’t know if you will like the place, and even if you do like it, you don’t know which area you’ll like best.

Here in South America, renting has saved me hundreds of thousands as everything I thought I knew was wrong.

Yep, makes sense really. I hate the thought of renting, but it’s too stupid not to do it.

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The year will fly by and at the end, you’ll thank yourself.

Sorry was whatsapped. Talk soon, good luck with the surgery.

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