What calmes one down and comforts you

…usually I listen to religious audio book to fall to sleep, but I also like this:
German Youtuber read hater and disliker names and spellings (including capital letters, white-spaces and numbers and the magnitude of their subscriptions) from the comment section of his videos some time ago. It has something of the “numbers” chapter of the bible.
It is calming and soothing like a lullaby. Puts me kind of into a trance state.
It has something of a meditative setting. I like it, because it beams you off this world into outer space.

You are as weird as hell. Welcome back, btw. I was thinking about you recently, hoping all is well.

I’m afraid that’s as far as I can go on this on.

Yes, all is well. Thanks Reg. Hope the same for You, too.
I was tempted to post right-wing political stuff several times (Brazil’s Bolsonaro, the Trumpster, etc. etc.), but at least I manage to “not be part of the world” as Jesus commands us and could let go of it. At least there is some stabilization. Right here. Love it.


I have been trying to “land” once again with a woman, but I am way to unstable for this right now. I am again living in a complete mess, moving soon again, and trying to “reset” and bring order yet again. A small apartment of my own. Therefore, please don’t be annoyed or feeling rejected as “letting go” of physical and habitual stuff does help me stabilizing.
I am advancing in deep qu’ran studies to get this book I hate the way of writing soo much (I resembles an alzheimers patient to me with its many repetetive yet confusing and even contradictive sections. Then again, it holds soo much truth in other chapters, just to be interrupted by a complete change of topic).
Maybe I hate the qu’ran’s style sooo very much, because it seems to be written as unstable as my life these times. I am even thinking of re-writing it topic by topic and also according to a time-line, but this would be way to much to ask of me in this desolate state of affairs.

PS: I cannot manage to listen to Pastor Lindstedt’s recorded Talkshoe stuff any more eversince they changed software. Even not on Chrome. I am disconnected from my Pastor. Maybe “letting go, too”.

YHWH make us worthy to fight the beast!

I still will use your FOSCAM though…

Not at all, Daniel. There is no attendance requirement or pressure here, at least not from me. Come and go as you please. If you disappear for a few years, all I will say is “Hi Daniel” when you come back.

Now that should be interesting. He’s expected to win today.

The worst thing is the wood desks look quite good and with 2 hours of work, that space could be very nice.

Sometimes it’s best to recognize that your current situation doesn’t let you have what nature drives you to want, and it’s best to focus on improving that situation rather than enter into situations and relationships that have no chance of success.

That is true for most religious texts.

Worked for the Wahhabis.

Anyway, enjoy reading about your pedophile prophet. I’ll see you when I see you.

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…sometimes bad prophet is needed for a desolate and pervert people, sometimes worse is better. Prophet Jonah did the job and he had been the worst of all. Let’s be pragmatic and keep with the facts. In every abrahamic religion JONAH DID THE JOB after all. And he had been the shittiest prophet imaginable. Barely matching up to prophet’s standards.

Choose carefully who you aspire to emulate. He did get eaten by a whale.

You haven’t seen the bath room. I had to “uninstall” the barbecues, but there still are residues and a LOT OF LARD everywhere. I’ll have to get it fixed. Landlord inspection in a week.

But, yes, I love these desks, too and will stick with them.

Are you moving back to Spain or staying in Germany?

Germany still. I don’t think I’ll move to Spain too soon. I have more thoughts about “the east” than on Spain.

You used to spend a lot of time in Spain. Did the person you were caring for finally pass on? If that’s too personal, I will take no offense.

Yes, I have no time these days for Spain. All “critical” persons (Germany/ Spain) still alive, are stable, but of course handicapped in their life, barely able to do anything anymore. They each have women of the family to take care for them (sort of it is kind of a woman thing to be long-term involved in caring or at least it needs a stable person. Not a desireable job though).

Those elderly relatives are in kind of a hung state in Computer talk. I hope for everyone on here including myself that we won’t end up like that and that it’ll be rather of the “short and quick” kind of death even possible in your day to day life (Some perfectly healthy guy involved in sports I know recently died from a heart attack at around 60, so this is still possible these days, thank god).

Amen to that. I hope I have the sense and ability to check out myself if that’s how things turn out for me. My woman and I have a very clear mutual agreement on that topic if you know what I mean.

Maybe even a “medical agreement” issued officially by a notary to deny all “live-enlarging” methods you don’t approve of or wish for yourself and your loved one in case of not being able anymore to do concious decisions. This can be a real messed-up legal issue. My mother and me are planing to do likewise…

I got to leave now. Be blessed. Seek refuge and stay far from Babylon, as far as you can…

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Hello Daniel! Welcome back!

Hello Michelle. Good to see you. I prayed for the US these days to stay on course. Seemingly it worked. Hope all is well with You. Be blessed Michelle and America. ^

It is good to hear from you again as well, Danie. I am well and I hope the same for you as I remember how long that trip was. You must be exhausted! Take care and have a nice day, Danie.